The latest version of the browser Opera for Android you analyze any Web page for Night Mode


In these days, we are seeing more smart phones and applications that offer Night Mode for the users. In case it wasn’t the name familiar already, the Night Mode prevents to the appearance of the Dark, which should make it easier to use the app in dark environments. Moreover, the time of night allows devices to consume less amount of energy, especially devices with screens OLED.

However, the negative thing is that the night mode is performed in general by the developers themselves. What this means is that if you chose one of the developers lack of support for Night Mode, it will be bad for the user. The good news is that if you are using the browser Opera on Android platform, it seems that this browser will be more than happy to assist you.

The latest version of the browser Opera for Android has the ability to convert any Web page to Night Mode. This means that even if you Website Design is concerned not necessarily for the night mode, the browser Opera will be able to convert it to dark mode. The browser basically turned the background white to a black background and make some other changes to the content of the site.

We’re not sure if this can lead to disable the functionality of some sites, but if you prefer not to strain your eyes in the dark, this might be a useful feature for you.


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