The latest video painting series Galaxy S10 base

Published Korean giant recently three videos trailer. for the upcoming versions of the series Galaxy S10, which confirm some of the specifications in the safety coming from the camera, Silva 4K, and shipping from one phone to another, among other features.

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Come new videos from Samsung confirmed that the new versions of the series Galaxy S10 comes without design is possible by extrusion the top in the screen, to me the design of the hole in the screen for the front vehicle, as well as includes new releases a fingerprint sensor built-in screen with ultrasound.

While the cast of the video clip headline the second light on the advantage of filming in 4K in camera, selfie in the versions of Samsung’s possible Galaxy S10, also is expected to come camera with accurately portray the 10 mega pixel camera with the feature of optical stabilization, and collection of 2 pixels in one point with the technology of auto-focus in photography.

In the video painting the second confirms Samsung on the battery capacity in the next versions of the series Galaxy S10, with wireless charging technology from one phone to another, where the support phones Galaxy S10 wireless charging capacity of 15W, and wireless from one phone to another the ability 9W.

Projections indicate that the ads Samsung thrill would be to take off on the internet during the coming period to shed light on the features of the Samsung series of phones Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch officially on the 20th of February.


I know of

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