The launch date of the phone Huawei Mate X rollaway

Still Phone Huawei Mate X folding coming it has been confirmed from the company on the date of launch is September or sooner than that, according to an executive from Huawei, where he spoke to the website TechRadar this week, Mr. Vincent Pang, head of Western Europe region at Huawei, during his visit to the city of New York: “it will come in September, at the latest,” he added, “Maybe earlier, but definitely stop by the content is September,” when asked Where will be the launch of the Huawei Mate X? Replied bang: “in any country that has 5G”, because the phone Huawei folding phone is 5G.

Comment Pang “any country has the 5G” comes with the confirmation that the phone Mate X will not be raised in the United States, this is not surprising given the Prohibition of Huawei in the United States, but the surprise it will continue to run Android at all, has been the experience of some games on the phone Huawei Mate X, the games were you have something fun and the feeling of spaciousness and amplitude on a screen size of 8 inches (be sure that flip phones will dominate on the list of the best phones our games in one day).

Phone Huawei Mate X will come with Android

موعد إطلاق هاتف Huawei Mate X القابل للطي مع نظام AndroidThe launch date of the phone Huawei Mate X folding with the system Android

A question was asked of the executive director of the company to make sure: will the Mate of X is already running Android apps when you launch it?, the Was the answer yes where tell Bang “because it was announced that already”, suggesting that it might fall outside the scope of the Prohibition of the management of Trump American companies (including software companies such as Google) to deal with Huawei, the software News, which I already talked about the delay of the launch of this phone because of the U.S. embargo, but the officials Pang and Huawei who have been talking to them they seem very confident that it will be launched on schedule, will start operating with the system Android.

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