The launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

About a month ago confirmed Samsung it would postpone the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold rollaway in the United States and in several other states, after being noted by the auditors has significant disadvantages and problems in the screen the mechanism herewith, has been canceled pre-orders and make revisions to the hardware to help try to save the Galaxy Fold.

Stated company CEO DJ KO that date has been set for a new launch earlier this month but did not specify a new date after the expiry of that previous articles.

Bother these new reports from Korea that we may see more delays in this machine, maybe the pressure has eased pressure on Samsung to produce the Galaxy Fold improved, especially after the emergence of the sanctions imposed on Huawei, which was working on the production of phone for Huawei Mate X is a collapsible screen.

This would prevent Samsung more room for maneuver to address the myriad of problems experienced by the device before the real release, the company confirms that Samsung will be announced the schedule of all new to the Samsung Galaxy Fold in “the coming weeks”, but some officials of the communications they claimed that all of the likely to occur after the end of the month of June, this has held the technology giant in South Korea tests on devices with transport companies and local operators, which gave industry sources see a much larger move in the process of repair of defects the screen.

The launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

موعد إطلاق هاتف Samsung Galaxy Fold أصبح يمثل لغزًاThe launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has become a mystery

Though denied Samsung any speculation by industry insiders, saying: “experience of process improvement confidential and can not confirm the comments of the interests of the communications industry.

Another report from Yonhap News (via SamMobile website) claims that it is unlikely to happen to release in June, according to an official at Samsung that “the version table is not achieved, we will be in a position to announce the schedule all within a few weeks,” was prepared for Samsung to cancel all pre-orders for the device automatically if you are unable to charge the device before May 31.

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