The launch of Google’s service station officially in Nigeria

إطلاق خدمة جوجل ستيشن رسمياً في نيجيريا
The launch of Google’s service station officially in Nigeria

The launch of Google’s service station officially in Nigeria

The company launched the Google Network free points wireless connection to the internet in Nigeria on Thursday as part of its efforts to solidify its presence over the African population.

Entered the U.S. contingent of the company that, in partnership with the company twenty-first century network fiber-optic Nigerian to provide the Service ”Google PlayStation“ year in six places of the capital the trade of Lagos from the city’s airport.

And Internet use is relatively low in Nigeria. World Bank statistics show that the proportion of Internet users in the country amounted to 25.7 percent of the population in 2016.

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Google and the internet free

Weak Internet infrastructure a significant challenge to business management in Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa. And broadcast services via broadband is either non-regular or exceeding the financial capacity of many of Nigeria’s population was 190 million.

Said Anjali Joshi, Vice-President of Google Product Management, told Reuters in Lagos ”operate the service in Lagos today, but the plan is to expand rapidly in other locations“.

The company said it aims to cooperate with internet service providers to reach millions of Nigerians in 200 public place in five cities by the end of 2019.

She explained that they will conduct money service in Nigeria by putting the Google ads on the portal login for the internet. Did not reveal to Google about the value of money invested in the service of new Nigeria.

The company said it is planning to offer revenue with its partners to assist them in maintaining services wireless Internet dissemination but did not disclose the size of the expected return of the ads that will be shared.

Nigeria is the fifth country launches (Google PlayStation) while appeared similar services in India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand.

These are aimed at the service of States with exponential population growth. According to United Nations estimates, Nigeria will become the third most populous after China and India by 2050.

In a speech to the Conference on Google in Lagos on Thursday welcomed yemi osinbajo, Vice-President of the Nigerian efforts to improve Internet connectivity.

He said osinbajo, who met earlier this month with Sundar pichai Google executive chairman at the company in Silicon Valley ”access to information means bridging the gap in inequality and exclusion“.

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