The launch of iOS 12 officially – how to update your device and tips important before the update!

Started Apple officially launched the final version of iOS update 12 to the public after the announced months ago with the launch of many of the trial version until the update is ready now. In this article we explain how to update to iOS 12 Most Important Tips to be followed to complete the update process without problems with reference to the most important features of iOS 12 and answer all your queries.

إطلاق iOS 12 رسمياً - كيفية تحديث جهازك ونصائح مهمة قبل التحديث!

The launch of iOS 12 officially – how to update your device and tips important before the update!

Devices that can be updated to iOS 12 :

  • The iPhone 5s and the mouth the latest ( iPhone 5s , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus , and iPhone SE , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 ,iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X ) .
  • The iPad 5 and the latest ( iPad 5 , iPad Air , iPad Air 2 , iPad Pro ) .
  • The iPad Mini 2 and newer ( iPad Mini 2 , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 4 )
  • IPod the previous generation .
الأجهزة التي يمكن تحديثها إلى iOS 12

Devices that can be updated to iOS 12

Date tothe iOS update 12

The iOS update 12 is launched starting from today (Monday 17 September 2018) and the second time the Mecca or at times attached to the image according to the timings of the local Arab capitals.

موعد إطلاق تحديث iOS 12

The launch date of the iOS update 12

Tip: prefer to wait and download downloading the iOS update 12 to avoid pressure on the servers of the Apple and ensure the update is downloaded properly.

Important tips before updating to iOS 12 :

  • Perform an update to existing applications on your device through the App Store or iTunes on your computer, and to ensure their compatibility with the new system and work on it without problems, with the note that there may be some applications that will suffer from the problems with the new system until the release of its update by its developer over the coming days.
  • Remember mail and password to the Apple ID of the device, because you will need to enter it after the update .
  • Be sure to charge the battery, preferably 100% or delivering the device to a charger during the update.
  • Make sure the quality of your internet connection ( preferably via WiFi ) .
  • Make sure there is storage space empty enough on your device ( preferably to be 3 GB or more ) .
  • Take a backup of the existing content on your device whether by alien or IP Cloud, and in the case was the size of the backup is too large it is preferable to use alien, this precautionary step is important even though the vast majority ignore it, and let you recover your data in case of any problems in the new update .

How to perform a backup (optional step)

1. Via cloud IP Cloud :

You can make a backup copy of your files and your data across the IP Cloud, through going to Settings > then an iCloud iCloud > Storage & Backup Storage & Backup > then click on the button perform Backup Back Up Now at the bottom of the screen ( prefer this way if your backups are small in size ).

iOS 12 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر الآي كلاود

Backup via IP Cloud.

iOS 12 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر الآي كلاود

Backup via IP Cloud.

2. Via the alien :

1. Through the program alien, and then connect the device to your computer. you can take the backup of your applications and your data . After clicking on your device in the program, Alison will show you all of the information, make sure that in the section for automatic backup Automatically Back Up to the selected option is ” this computer This Computer” and not iCloud . And then tap through the option to Back Up Now in the same interface to do a backup and save it on your computer .

تحديث iOS 11 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر آيتونز

Backup via iTunes

تحديث iOS 12 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر آيتونز

Backup via iTunes

2. Will start the backup process, and will show the progress bar at the top of the program alien .

3. After the backup finished, you can be sure complete the process successfully to proceed to the task bar in the program, and click on iTunes, then Preferences Preferences, and then choose the top of hardware Devices from the window that appears you, and you will see the backup in Device Backups and, besides, its the timing that I took . (Prefer this method if the backup is large size )

تحديث iOS 12 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر آيتونز

Backup via iTunes

تحديث iOS 12 - النسخ الاحتياطي عبر آيتونز

Backup via iTunes

How to update to iOS 12

You can choose one of three ways, the first of up all only of was on a. Gilbert, the second easy and simple, second you need some time and will return your device as I bought it the first time without data and your applications, which will erase all data and download new system .

1. Update antenna OTA from the inside of the Machine (way easier and better)

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. Go to Settings Application Settings
  3. Select the tab “general” or “General”
  4. Then Software Update Softwere Updates
  5. Select the “download and installation” Download and install
  6. Prefer to connect the device to the mains supply ( charging the phone ) .
iOS 12 - التحديث الهوائي OTA من داخل الجهاز

iOS 12 – update antenna OTA from within the device

iOS 12 - التحديث الهوائي OTA من داخل الجهاز

iOS 12 – update antenna OTA from within the device

** Note: This method does not cause loss of existing data in the device, but also that doesn’t sing about taking a backup as mentioned above .

2. The second method – update through the program alien on the computer.

You can perform the update through the program, Aion online is easy, where as soon as you connect your being, you will see a message alerting you to the possibility of the update procedure, all you need is to click clicking on the Download & Update, says the software download the update and install it automatically, and do not cause this method in loss of data, or click on the option to Check For Update in the case of non-appearance of the message .

iOS - التحديث عبر الآيتونز

iOS 12 – update via alien


** Note: This method also does not cause loss of your data, and with that we recommend taking a backup .

3 – The Third Way – a manual update via alien

( This method needs some additional steps, and to delete all content from your device )

This method is optimal for those who have week in case the previous steps fail to update, and by downloading the update file manually ( we’ll show you the links to download if available later ) and is a format file ipsw you save the file to your device, and this method will wipe all phone data so you should take a backup .

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to the computer while running the application alien .
  2. Select Restore iPhone with constant pressure on the Alt button on Mac, or with constant pressure on the Shift button in Windows devices .
  3. You’ll see a window asking you to choose where the file system or are hardware maintenance ipsw
  4. Select the update file that you downloaded, and it is a file with the extension ipsw (you can download it by the type of your device from the links that will be paired in the article later).
  5. The installation is done manually.
  6. After the update, you retrieve the backup from the alien, by clicking on the button Restore Backup .
iOS 12 - التحديث اليدوي عبر الآيتونز

iOS 12 – manual update via alien

iOS 12 - استرجاع النسخة الاحتياطية

iOS 12 – recover the backup

An important related: new features in the iOS update 12

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