The launch of the first Arabic site specializes in digital currencies, mining

إطلاق أول موقع عربي متخصص في العملات الرقمية والتعدين
The launch of the first Arabic site specializes in digital currencies, mining

The launch of the site “. Net” to cover the news of the digital currency

. Net“, the first Arabic site specialized in digital currencies in the Arab world

Believe techniques block and digital encrypted, the most important topics discussed in the meetings of the World Economic Forum in Davos for the current year; and that after that has become the digital currency example of bitcoin, Ripley, the interior, the mineiro, the Lightroom Queen, ZCASH and other work, talk a lot after the big rise in the buying and selling rates of such currencies.

He assured the chief economist at IHS, Markit, Nariman were, that the technical support of Crypto-currencies “block” enjoy greater transparency, will be used in all future transactions, emphasizing that they will become part of the global financial system in the next ten years.

In this context, the group launched “digital” media, the website “. Net” as the first Arabic site specialized in the coverage of all developments in the digital currency encrypted technology allocation and based on this technology, in addition to the latest IPOs for the encrypted digital news detailed.

Covers website “. Net“, all news, digital currencies and their prices, moment by moment, as it provides information and explanations adequate for existing investors and those interested to enter the field of digital currencies, and under the supervision of the bloggers, writers, and experts and investors in the crypto-currencies are digital.

The location of the first electronic platform of the Arab for digital encrypted, as it contains many sections, that cover everything with respect to that work, including the section “the initial work”, which Published News of the IPO for entering new to the market newly.

The site is characterised by many sections, as it contains the Department of laboratory in the news “digital currency” encrypted, in addition to the section “currency rates” and go, it also has a special section for explanations thorough and practical benefit of interested specialists in this field.

Offers from within sections of the site, section “mining”, which includes articles and videos to explain the process of mining, and software used hardware, in addition to his companies, the cloud, the site also contains a section on “profit digital currency”, which provides an explanation of how to profit from digital currencies step by step, how to invest.

The site, on the section “stories and experiences”, which hosts the “metal currency” investors; where they see where their success stories, the obstacles they faced.

The website “process.Net“, the first database of Arabic detailed and accurate, gives you a comprehensive overview of any digital currency in the world, through its unique “work”, the updated moment by moment.

Can site, the presence of Department “markets and currencies”, which publish analytical articles wide range of the currency markets, digital, and mixers for a second the UPS and downs of currency, in addition to forecasts of experts, investors… etc.

She said the group of digital media, the foundation website, “the technology of 24”, The location “.Net”, will not be limited to these sections only, but it’s a start, where is added to to other sections as developments at a fast pace that occur in this field of digital currencies.

Confirmed group “digital media”, in remarks on the occasion of the launching site, “the site will feature dialogues and meetings with eminent personalities in the field of digital currencies of the world in general and the Arab world in particular.”

She explained, “the site seeks to placate Arab visitors, as it aims to be the first destination for the encrypted digital Arabic”.

The “group number information” that can receive the views of interested visitors to the domain, in addition to the observations and constructive criticism about the site, to provide the best level of services in the field of digital currencies.

You can view more information about the site by visiting the following link: eumlat.netcan also answer your queries through the following mail:

It is noteworthy that the group of “digital” media, in the United Arab Emirates, last year launched a website, “the technology of 24”, plus it plans to launch niche sites in the “anime” soon.

Find the air to be market value for the digital will exceed one trillion dollars during the current year, which will push many investors to enter the market of digital currencies strongly.

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