The launch of the first foldable phone, but it looks awful

Previously the company Rouyu submerged Friday to the market the first foldable phone, but the design did not commit to the high quality.

Recognizes technical Ice Universe that the phone FlexPai comes to design approximate in the attempt of the company to be first to market flip phones which I tend to agree with him after seeing us use the phone in the video.

Although the primary purpose of phones collapsible is to provide a large screen in the body is about the same as the body of the phones after the folding device, the what we see before us is closer to to be a tablet and a folding rule to fold that converts it from tablet the large to the small; this is probably due to poor design to allocate Rouyu in the manufacture of screens without phones apparently.

What we expect from the big companies is to minimize the dimensions of the screen so that the phone will be comfortable when folded, perhaps providing a better design as a dialogue and increase the elasticity of the screen and respond to what we see in the FlexPai.

In relation to the use of FlexPai, it seems that there is the option to dual screen when you fold the phone where you can view something different in every screen, adding to the possibility of making the offer owns the whole screen in non-folding.

For the specifications the company for 7.8 inch dimensions of 4:3, and the storage options of up to 8 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage capacity, it is estimated that the processor used is Snapdragon 8150 (known as snares 855), but the rate of release of the processor scheduled in December next and an availability date of the phone near tend not to believe it. It seems that the front camera double 16+20 maps, can charge 80% of battery in an hour.

#Update: it seems that FlexPai he’s really coming to the processor of the flagship Snapdragon 8150 core 7 nm, which means that the availability of the device was intended for pre-order which starts tomorrow, so don’t expect the machine arrives the customers only in the last days of 2018 or the beginning of the New Year.

According to the source, will be available FlexPai the beginning of the next Thursday in limited quantities in China starting price of 1291$ (4844 SAR) for 128/6 gigabytes and up to 1434$ (5380 SR) for the 256/8 gigabytes and 1864$ (6993 SAR) for 512/8 gigabytes.

On the occasion of our talk on flip phones, it is reported that Samsung will review the idea of the user interface that will work with her phone and folding next week, according to the latest hearsay, the LG identified the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 held last January next to her phone.

Photo FlexPai

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