The launch of the first smart TV brand Nokia business

Usually when we hear the name Nokia, the home phone will be either a normal mobile or smart, but now added a new kind of product which is smart TV if it wasn’t Nokia itself is classified but its branded.

I got a giant Indian e-commerce Flipkart a license to use the Nokia branding business in a whole new product which is smart TV.

The first devices will be smart TV with Android operating system T-in and 55-inch 4K screen of type LED.

Holds TV’s quad core processor and memory random 2.25 GB, and supports wireless communication WiFi and Bluetooth and has several HDMI ports and USB. It features The Voice of operations of the JBL by Harman headphones 24 watts and support for Dolby Vision.

Will keep the TV at a price of 590 dollars almost will be starting from tenth of December.

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