The launch of the first store, deals Digital of its kind in the region

Announced the gate Arab News technique, the first source of news for the Arabic media and the user last, officially announced today the launch of the first store of health products and services in digital quality in the region.

This step comes as an outgrowth of partnership and cooperation with the company six Commerce, the largest global company specializing in the management of electronic stores to publishers to specialists.

Under this partnership, the company will Six commerce global management of all operations of the store deals the digital portal, including the selection of digital products appropriate for visitors to the portal, the processes of electronic payment, marketing and other tasks.

Given the system of work with six Commers nature of the world, add to the quality of lessons, courses, and software and products and other digital information, all content digital store is in English.

For more easy and with the current location of the gate Arab News Technical portal provides daily content explains the advantages and details of the daily deals that are available on the App Store, under the section (today’s deal).

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It should be noted that the content store is updated daily and contains the deals very attractive for those looking for interest and learning industry future of digital, including learning the various programming languages, design, services, software and digital tools, and get the courses in the various areas you can chase them in the store.

Visit the store:

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