The launch of the fourth beta version of iOS update 13 – What’s new?!

Expect beta versions to improve the iOS 13 which Apple launched the fourth beta version iOS 13 Beta 4 to developers in addition to the trial version again to watch the program Apple demo iOS 13 Public Beta 3. So what new do we have here?

إطلاق النسخة التجريبية الرابعة من تحديث iOS 13 - ما الجديد؟!The launch of the fourth beta version of iOS update 13 – What’s new?!

New in the fourth beta version iOS 13 Beta 4 is not much but simple improvements throughout the system and fix some of the problems that have cleared in previous updates, mainly the target updates the pilot.

Quick Actions

In the list of options the quick the Quick Actions that appear when you press the app icon to compress lengthy you’ll notice a new option to a select rearrange Apps which enters the main screen put in Wiggle mode to allow moving icons and installation applications. It is also noticeable that the list of options, fast Quick Action is smaller.

Quick ActionsQuick Actions

The settings of the 3D Touch

When you go to the settings > and then access special needs Accessibility, you will notice a new option under the section Touch feature three-dimensional 3D & Haptic Touch allows touch sensitivity Touch Duration to determine the extent of the sensitivity of that cross water control in the time interval between the initiation of the touch and show listings or browse content.

إعدادات 3D TouchThe settings of the 3D Touch

The list of participating

A list of the Common Share Sheet got some changes to the level design where it has been improved some colors and add some transparency in it.

قائمة المشاركةThe list of participating

Voice messages

Gesture of another group, was to change the icon for voice messages to become the form of a wave instead of microphone icon traditional.

الرسائل الصوتيةVoice messages

Fix errors

For the gap that we talked about earlier which allows access to the user passwords stored on the device it seems that is not solved in this beta version.

Do you have to install the trial version on your device?

We answer this question in detail from through this article, and if you are determined that you can refer for: how to install the beta version of the iOS update 13.

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