The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in white snow

نوت 9

Though most users prefer the color black “without reasons justified” ! But that doesn’t mean that the color white has no followers which is the same course about our vehicles while we believe that the vehicle in white the lowest price of her sisters ! With that cost him the savvy one !

White snow beauty is the new color for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 where announced Samsung about this release which carries the First Snow White according to what I know about famous website sammobile, the announcement came for the users in Taiwan as a marketing first.

Of course, the color difference has nothing to do with the specs as the phone snow carries the same specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 with the details of where the screen size 6.4 inch Ram 6 GB and internal storage of 128 GB to the rest of the details of information which we have offered previously.

Up the price of the phone to a limit of $ 1000.

Photo phone Galaxy Note 9 the white snow.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in white snow.

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