The launch of the iOS update 12.1.2 to fix some of the problems in the phones the iPhone!

Apple launched the iOS update 12.1.2 which is the fourth update sub-system iOS 12 since its launch in last September. The iOS update 12.1.2 is considered relatively small but it’s very important after complaints that emerged from the update that causes its iOS 12.1.1, which caused internet connection problems on some phones the iPhone.

إطلاق تحديث iOS 12.1.2 لإصلاح بعض المشاكل في هواتف الآيفون!The launch of the iOS update 12.1.2 to fix some of the problems in the phones the iPhone!

It is worth mentioning that the iOS update 12.1.2 is available only for the iPhone while the rest of the iPad, iPod touch and other will work to update iOS 12.1.1, which was launched on December 5 last. Can update via the phones iPhone pneumatically by going to Settings > General General > System updates Software Update.

The iOS update 12.1.2 will focus on the reform of the problem of activation e-eSIM versions of the new iPhone, it will also solve the problem of connecting to the internet via phone data which is the property that was damaged from the previous update.

تحديث iOS 12.1.2The iOS update 12.1.2

Also some expect that this update needs both within China on modifications in the operating system so as to bypass the issue of blocked phones, the iPhone in China after lawsuits from Qualcomm against Apple for violation of patents in the iOS system.

Did you update to iOS 12.1.2 for? And the solution to the problems that you encounter before?

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