The launch of the iOS update 12.3.1 to fix several problems in the system!

Apple officially launched the iOS update 12.3.1 suddenly a small update of a branch aimed at fixing some errors and problems in the iOS system is now available to everyone.

إطلاق تحديث iOS 12.3.1 لإصلاح عدة مشكلات في النظام!

The launch of the iOS update 12.3.1 to fix several problems in the system!

The iOS update 12.3.1 can be downloaded now in the traditional way by going to Settings > General General > System updates Software Update.

The most important problems that says update iOS 12.3.1 fix it:

  • Fixed the problem of inability to work or receive calls over the networks of the fourth generation VoLTE
  • Solve the problem of the appearance of messages from contacts that are not known with the activation of the filter the messages.
  • Solve the problem of the lack of the ability to report messages from contacts not information.

There are no new features added by the update to the system, only those simple repairs. This update was a bit surprising because Apple didn’t fire him first any trial versions to developers opposite of what is observed and known, she probably relied on the reactions of the users who discovered these problems waiting for them.

It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV was launched less than two weeks ago the update of iOS 12.3 that I come to the application Apple TV new.

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