The launch of the latest devices, “Shao” Redmi S2 in “Saudi Arabia” potential “Silva” amazing

This theme is the launch of the latest devices, “Shao” Redmi S2 in “Saudi Arabia” potential “Silva” stunning appeared on Engadget.

The company announced the Shao. “”XIAOMI leading global technology today announced the launch of the newest smartphone Redmi S2 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the latest in a series Redmi new S which are characterized by their exceptional in the shots, the “selfie”.

Device Redmi S2 is the best among the series Redmi S in terms of a photo “selfie”, since to provide him with a front camera accurately 16-megapixel camera powered by bixel binning is an advanced technology, is working to raise the sensitivity of the image light in low-light conditions through the integration of the components of the image “pixels” resulting in better quality images in dark environments, in addition to features AI Beautify your B “Shawty” that can detect the makeup and maintain it properly are great.

The new device is available at amazing prices compared to the specs that it offers, where it starts from 549 SAR, comes Redmi S2 with Dual Camera its 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel, also has a full screen compared to 5.99-inch 18:9, The operating system powered by the platform Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 625.

New born baby with “Silva” super quality

Have phones Redmi from Shawty popular due to its outstanding performance and high quality, at affordable prices at hand.

S series the new “Shawty” is no exception, providing the capacity of the filming of a unique personality, which is specially designed for people who love self expression and are keen to share exciting moments with others.

Thanks to the front camera of the provider device Redmi S2, with a resolution of 16 megapixel, the user will be able to capture the details very accurate in daylight and produce high-resolution images. In low light conditions, uses sensor technology bixel binning to integrate information and produce four pixels to create pixel large amount to 2.0 micrometers, thereby improving the sensitivity of the sensor significantly, and produces sharper images and brighter in low light with less noise.


When you enable HDR automatic, the front camera automatically detects the lighting environment background and apply the HDR effect, so try to lighting “Silva” natural light, which allows to capture the sparkle of light reflected in the eyes of the person in the picture, giving the picture a “portrait” of a high quality and fascinating.

The camera supports a property “Booker” that characterize the background of the image sample is high efficiency, and can identify other elements properly, such as hair accessories and gestures of the hand are common as part of the sample or the body in the picture.

When choosing the mode “porter”, supports both front and rear cameras technology AI Beautify that can detect the makeup and keep it as it is, while the improved algorithm for facial expression common in “selfie”.

Comes phone Redmi S2 screen measuring 5.99 inches allow users the greatest possible visibility to the dimensions appropriate for the convenience of the hand, at which time only the background of the device with a curved web gently towards the edges, which yield the geometric and wonderful at the same time.

With regard to the characteristics of the interior of the device, the Redmi S2 comes equipped interior powered by the platform Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 625, which depends on the structure of 14nm to achieve balanced performance and power consumption, the device also contains a port for my SIM and a private entrance to the microSD card up to 256 GB, with the feature of IR”.

Expected Redmi S2 on three main colors: gold, rose gold, dark grey. Comes in a double version with the first random memory capacity of 3 GB + 32 GB internal memory price 549 SAR, while the price of version 4 GB + 64 GB 679 SAR, in addition to cover the protection of “T. P. day,” simple and elegant with every device

Finally, it will offer the device for sale exclusively on the shop, Jollychic-mail on 26 July 2018. Can get more details, follow through official channels for Shaw” on the social media, the application of Jollychic.


This theme is the launch of the latest devices, “Shao” Redmi S2 in “Saudi Arabia” potential “Silva” stunning appeared on Engadget.

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