The launch of the site “Rock Arabsstock”with a library containing thousands of photos, videos, and exclusive

إطلاق موقع "عربستوك Arabsstock"مع مكتبة تحوي آلاف الصور والفيديوهات الحصرية

Starting today the website of “rock Arabsstock” with a library containing thousands of photos, videos, exclusive, to be according to its developers the largest digital library of Arabic GCC “real” photographers, producers, advertising agencies and publishers.

And the rock that the idea of the site comes to provide solutions for designers and producers to develop the content of the visual identity of the cart, particularly with the scarcity of Arabic content online real. She pointed about it: “the idea came to the site, as a kind of the best solutions to the problems suffered by many in the recent period, especially the product designers and marketing companies, e-health, etc., namely, the video content offered by global websites characters don’t die Arab identity, correct, in addition to the scarcity of Arabic content Real of all kinds.”

Contains site sections and topics, photos, and video including business, medicine, engineering, industry, family, technical, as well as those of the elderly, children, women and men with varied environments of subjects that are needed by every marketer or publisher, according to the crew.

And rock they focus on producing, presenting, and marketing its own content and the creators of the world of designer, designers, women, and musicians, providing thousands of content exclusive and a variety of plans for subscription to individuals and institutional customers and businesses.

Aim The Rock to provide additional solutions and create opportunities for innovators around the world to improve the income through the site by selling their content original and licensed its use to architects across the site, as it seeks to build and enrich the culture and content services through its website.

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