The launch version of Snapchat new to the Android system officially

إطلاق نسخة سناب شات الجديدة لنظام أندرويد رسميًا

Announced Snape just before the launch of the new and improved version of its application Snapchat on Android, which is the version I talked about the company before short duration to provide the highest quality in the use of the application as owned by the application on the system rival to iOS.

The company had begun development of a new version completely from scratch to develop it on Android about a year ago, to now become ready for use and can be downloaded through the store Google Play or waiting for the app update automatically. A version the company says it offers quality close to that found on the iPhone.

It is worth noting that the Snapchat application had significant difference in efficiency between Android version and iOS, and the company that she was using code similar to the investigation on the two systems, but currently has built the app with symbols different from the beginning to give the app a similar experience on the two systems.

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