The law on digital of financial assets may be adopted in the state Duma before the end of the spring session

The law on digital assets is in full swing: the Central Bank claim that the necessary documents are already sufficiently cooked. State Duma deputies expect to come to a final conclusion on the fate of Bitcoin in the legal field of Russia to the beginning of the summer.

Recall that the first steps towards this were made in the fall of 2018, however due to some costs, the government decided to defer consideration of the bill for 2019. Then the date moved again — officials failed to reach consensus in February.

When Bitcoin will be the currency of Russia

First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova said that the state Duma should adopt a law on digital of financial assets in the spring session. Prior to that, she has appeared several times before the officials in the building of the Duma.

To delay no further. Moreover, all of the proper rules on the crypt, crowdfunding and mining “are in a rather high degree of readiness”. While Skorobogatova counting on the help of experts from the committees of the state Duma.

The definition of the legal status of Bitcoin ICO in the territory of the Russian Federation will not only bring clarity to the activities of captainvalor, but will open up new opportunities. According to the most optimistic forecasts, Russia will even be able to implement their projects in the field of blockchain at the state level.

Image source — Dezinformare

However, would the Russians themselves accept the new reforms? Last year it became clear that the majority of citizens know very little about Bitcoin and not understand how it works. In April 2019, the situation has not changed much — many people still believe Bitcoin is not the best investment.

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