The laws of the British new will Huawei from working on the networks of the fifth generation

قوانين بريطانية جديدة ستمنع هواوي من العمل على شبكات الجيل الخامس

Said the newspaper “The Sun” that the British Government developed new laws for foreign investment in the country, which will these laws on Chinese company Huawei and will be followed by work on technical projects sensitive in the United Kingdom, including 5G.

Became the Press that the Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Minister for Defence Gavin Williams are worried about the entry of the Chinese company within the sensitive projects in the country, means that it will be able to trade on British companies and organisations for the benefit of the Chinese government through the network of the fifth generation, according to the newspaper.

And I Huawei so far of problems with the U.S. government about issues-like, they also faced other problems in Canada and Australia, however, the recent continues to work with in a specific range.

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