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More than half of Britons that the European data didn’t provide them with greater control over the number of messages unwanted e-mail that they receive, Where said one of every five people they get more unwanted messages since the introduction of laws and regulation General Data Protection European GDPR, according to a poll by the research foundation Nesta Nesta, the Which found that 60 percent of internet users in the UK believe that they have no more control over the number of marketing emails which they had received earlier compared with the number now after the introduction of my troops GDPR.

She said the majority of the people participating in the survey who are over the age of 55 years they haven’t seen any change, while the hair of persons of the age group between 16 and 24 years that they have lost control of their inbox more than any other group, included a survey of 2000 people, where he said about 22 percent the number of spam e-mails received had increased in the six months since the entry of laws into force, while 7 percent only that they had not received any e-mail messages spam.

The laws of regulation the General Data Protection European GDPR has entered into force earlier this year, which represents a set of standards around how companies collect and use people’s data, so they require products and companies to detect the data that was collected about people, how they get that data, and citizens of the European Union the right to delete such information.

It was a lot of people are hoping to put the laws of the GDPR, which entered into force throughout the European Union on 25 May, the end of the messages the junk e-mail, where consumers choose to receive marketing e-mails from companies, while many companies may have given people the option of one only.

Said Theo as Theo Bass, a researcher at Nesta Nesta, the laws of the GDPR has given a big boost to the rights of individuals, including the right of access to personal data or to require their deletion,” warned the researcher that most people don’t realize their rights or how to use it, he added “I designed the advertising industry online is deliberately hiding how to make a profit through the personal data via the terms and conditions of a non-concept, which in turn make it difficult for people to understand what they face.”

May be persons who are not constantly vigilant about what they are approving when giving their email addresses or they don’t know how to ask companies about their data and know that data, the process of discussion and adoption of laws GDPR issued earlier this year, seven years, and this delay in the implementation of laws, many to the warning they are need to update in order to be able to keep up with things like artificial intelligence technology.

He explained the risotto sense Risto Siilasmaa, chairman of Nokia’s board and co-founder and former CEO of anti-virus software F-Secure, earlier this year, it may occur in late last year with the organization of the European Union about that the laws have become old already, and explain to them the progress in many fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He said: “I told the commissioners and general managers that they need to update the laws of the GDPR and they were shocked some thing, they said We did not ask them yet and you say now we need to update it”, though the European Union is trying to take some steps to improve the laws, is currently looking at the issue of the replacement of the email marketing laws the new law is named ePrivacy.

The Office of the Information Commissioner in the UK the ICO to produce a copy of his updated version of the rules of the marketing practices once you enter the European law of the new force, said a spokesman for the ICO said: “the GDPR strengthens the rights of the public by prohibiting the use of funds approved optional preset for the approval of marketing communications for example”.

“People should give approval of the effective and positive, informed fully, and we urge the public to be cautious about what they sign, especially during online transactions, as should the organizations and companies that make things clearer and easier on the individuals in relation to the withdrawal of consent and unsubscribe to email marketing”.

The gate Arab News Technical The Laws of the GDPR didn’t stop the unwanted messages

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