The lawsuit claims that the phones of Apple and Samsung take the limits of radiation allowed

iPhone XS Camera

The vast majority of our electronic devices emit radiation, especially our phones. Supposed to be tested and approved by regulatory bodies before putting them for sale, although the appearance of the report in August pointed out that the phones of for Apple to exceed those limits.

Now according to a new report, it seems that Apple and Samsung face a lawsuit has been filed against them by the law firm Fegan Scott out that both companies are creating smart phones that exceed safety levels when it comes to reset RF. The company claims that this depends on the data of the tests were made independently.

According to the law firm, he stated by saying : ” he told manufacturers to consumers if this is safe, so we knew that it was important to test exposure to radiation of the radio frequencies and see if this is true. This is not true. Confirming the results of non-independent levels of wireless radiation exceeding the limit specified by the FCC of the FCC, and beyond in some cases by 500 percent when they were using the phones the way that we are encouraged by Apple and Samsung. Consumers deserve to know the truth. “

Already for Apple to oppose these claims by saying : ” all models of iPhone, including iPhone 7, The is certified fully by the Federal Communications Commission the FCC and in every other state sold the iPhone. After careful review and subsequently of all the models of iPhone that have been tested by the Chicago Tribune and listed in its report, we confirm that we are committed to comply with all the instructions and limits applicable to check. “

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