The leading advantages of the computer MacBook Pro 16 inch new from Apple

Draped Apple finally unveiled the MacBook Pro new 16 inch, which will replace the current configuration with a 15 inch. Bode MacBook Pro the new The Return of the keyboard scissor which include the “Magic Keyboard”, a system consisting of six speakers, and processor up to 8 cores, memory random access RAM up to 64 GB.

Returned the new keyboard Escape key actually. You can customize the computer MacBook Pro the new with a capacity of up to 8 TB of SSD storage space. As that the device is currently available for sale ranging from the price is 2399 dollars.

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Description Apple new device as having “a larger screen, and offers high-speed performance, and a battery as large as possible, the best keyboard, speakers, great sound, storage space is enormous.”

Featuring the new screen size of 16 inches with a resolution of 3072×1920, which means it is the plate of higher density so that each inch on the 226 Pixel.

Offers Magic Keyboard new Escape key actually, buttons the arrows on The Shape of the letter T reversed with the Touch Bar.

Says Apple that the new keyboard featuring a dome and rubber designed by Apple, with a height of 1 mm for the key – which gives the user a greater sense of stability. It is clear that many customers are happy to say goodbye to design keyboard butterfly uncomfortable/unreliable.

You Apple TV also, it has improved thermal performance to fit the new, which helps to run CPU and GPU at full speed for a longer time. Featuring new models in units of Centralized Processing from 6 to 8 cores, and the memory of random access of up to 64 GB. The units of the graphics processing core new hernia graphics performance faster at a rate of 2.1 times that of standard machine hour.

Is proud to Apple in the new device being the first laptop in the world to offer the option capacity 8 TB of internal storage. The standard version of the computer MacBook Pro new comes with a capacity of 512 GB SSD – double the previous generation.

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Featuring the structure of the device also a new design speaker and microphone, to prevent the musicians and the audio and video experience sound more advanced at all.

You can order the MacBook Pro today from the Apple Store. It will be available in stores later next week.

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