The leading manufacturing companies of smart phones Arab

The smart phone industry is not an activity limited to American companies and global, Korean, Chinese, and even appeared during recent years a number of Arab companies and that produces smart phones and tablet computers.

This is normal given that the industry is no longer its secrets hidden or trapped on the giants, it appeared the number of startups during recent years in this area which has achieved tremendous growth in revenue and profits, sales and market share.

Many of the names wasn’t something only a few years ago during a short period has achieved great success thanks to the marketing and the strategy of launching good phones at attractive prices.

In this article, we will explore many of the companies manufacturing smart phones Arab in the Arab world.


  • Company ya Hala in United Arab Emirates

Ya Hala is the first UAE company which based in Dubai is specialized in the design and manufacture of smart phones, they are focused on providing laptops, iPads, high quality with competitive price.

The company has a website of its own where you can explore the latest products, but purchase phones from them also.

This is one of the emerging companies in the field of technology was founded in 2015, and Badr, samer good company’s founder and CEO, said: “it was His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, God rest his soul a clear vision to make Dubai a modern city Super in the world. Remain encouraged and inspired me to start this company and encourage the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, as well as GCC nationals, on the performance of the right to do something for their nation and its people”.

He added in a statement published on the website: “it is our responsibility to move forward until we reach our goal of making Dubai a global destination favorite world. We will do this through the creation of unusual techniques to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.”

The company offers a wide range of smartphones and tablets, including low-cost devices and leading that compete with the best devices available in the region.


  • Company Condor in Algeria

Turned the Condor Algerian origin origin to one of the brands common in the Maghreb, this is a company of Algerian private group Ben Hamadi, specialized in electronic industries, its headquarters is located in bordj Bou arreridj.

The company was founded in 1998 but this brand and industry have been reached in recent years they offer their phones in some markets Arab and Maghreb.

The company makes smartphones, TVs and air conditioners in addition to computers and different devices, as we pointed out earlier are expanded to the field of smart phones in recent years only.


  • Company will be technology in the Republic of Egypt

This company was founded in 2003 and is one of the Companies Group companies of Mr. Salim (founded in 1948).

It will be technology, design and produce smart phones which are dealing with governmental institutions in the country, providing them with equipment and solutions that you use as well as meet the needs of private institutions and individuals.

Will Electronics has more than 200 client is of the largest customers of the sector, Arab Republic of Egypt, of whom 75 are in the government sector and, 60 in the sector of Education and 75 from private companies with a focus on financial sectors and telecommunications.

The company provides the gap smartphones and ordinary phones and various telecommunication in addition to computers and tablets.


  • Company Evertek in Tunisia

Evertek is a trademark of the industry for smart phones was founded in 2006, the company is part of a group YKH holding.

Started its activity as a distributor of smartphones from leading companies during the previous years, including Motorola and LG.

After the company decided to launch smartphones carrying its brand and has a lot of phones running Android.

Like any company, other appropriate expanded to the version of tablet computers and made available to market customers, targeting the Tunisian market primarily providing phones at low cost compared to the phones of world imported.


  • Company Accent in Morocco

Company accent was established in 1996 which produce computers and various devices have been expanded to smartphones and tablets in recent years.

Managed this company from flooding the domestic market with its products to provide a good option for those looking for cheap devices, and has subsequently expanded to offer its products in France, Spain, Gabon, Walcott d’Ivoire and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The company markets these smart devices in all the subsidiaries of the treaty, which number over 900 points of sale are available DBM Morocco on a wide network of 12 points to after-sales services in most parts of the kingdom of Morocco.


  • Company IRIS in Algeria

IRIS is a company Algerian was founded in 2004 and started to manufacture phones ordinary and traditional as we enter into the era of smart phones to manufacture these phones at low cost.

Since its inception nearly fourteen years, became the Iris a leader in the industry of consumer electronic devices and home appliances, thanks to master the latest techniques gained by the industry. The manufacture of many electronic products and devices, such as television receivers or refrigerators or washing machines or air conditioners.

I have the Iris by selecting to invest in the latest facilities located in the Algerian territory, thus supporting the capacity and control of local human resources in the field of advanced technologies.


These highlights companies that have found they are manufactured smart phones in the Arab world, and there may be other companies unknown, but if you know some, why not share their names in comments? This will add a lot for the article.


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