The legend is back: headphones and speakers from Fender

For those who have something to configure with the help of a guitar tuner, Fender needs no introduction. It produces some of the most famous guitars in the world and various music equipment. Time goes by, and companies need to adapt to modern trends, so now that Fender produces and portable speakers high class — from wireless speakers to headphones. With them and today we get acquainted.

Fender was founded in the early 40-ies of a man named Leo fender, who had himself collected in his own shop first guitars and amps under the new brand. Less than 10 years the world saw the first electric guitar Fender Esquire with one pickup, and a year later appeared and Fender Broadcaster with two pickups. Well, about the Fender Precision Bass not heard just lazy — in 1951, Leo invented the world’s first electric bass guitar, an innovation which is the use of frets. At the time, such famous guitarists as Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and even sting picked guitars and Fender equipment because these tools have always combined innovation and reliability.

However, in addition to electric guitars Fender also produces acoustic and electroacoustic guitars, combos and various accessories. Specific origin of the professional music industry, making the Fender approach to the quality of sound quite different than other electronics manufacturers. And this is seen, for example, wireless speaker system Fender Newport.

First column impresses with its design — no wonder the manufacturer in southern California has spent on its creation a few years. The attentive may notice that the appearance of Newport was taken of classic guitar amps ’68 Custom from the same Fender. Every detail of the design reminds us of this — from the grille protecting the speaker logo to switch volume, treble and bass. As correctly noted in the editorial, this column wants to place in the interior, as it will suit any style (and if you have retro do fit like a native).

Sound-adjustable volume control and two-way equalizer, which is placed on the top panel, adjustable in 10 positions. Left — a button to enable pairing mode on Bluetooth and the conversation in the headset mode (it has a built-in microphone with an effective suppression of the resulting echo), the right — indicator and…the lever of inclusion, which seems to have really taken a like of the 60-ies. Switch it up and down a real treat.

On the rear panel there was a place the charging port, auxiliary input to connect any device with output 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mono or stereo so you can listen to legacy devices as well as USB output. Why is he here? So if you want you could charge, for example, your smartphone, because the column has a built-in battery. The power output is not that big (1A/5V), but it would be enough in an emergency situation to stay connected. The battery life of the device, by the way, is 12 hours.

For column, you can connect both via Bluetooth and using audio cable with mini-Jack connector. We first created a couple iPhone and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound Newport. The role played by the support of aptX and AAC codecs, which make wireless audio to the wired counterpart. The speaker system comprises two woofers and one tweeter, and the power of the model is 30 Watts.

Newport sound is not just powerful and loud: it is crisp, clean and very natural — for it at the time, the musicians love the Fender company. We even compare this column with the HomePod should be noted that often she works with tracks better devices from Apple. Newport if I “modify” each and every song to sound more “tube-like”. All in the wording of different sound preferences, but still more rock fans, so the first column was tested with this genre. But in the morning, while no one was looking, I was able to test the device with hip-hop and pop music. And you know, if you remove the bass at least to “9”, characteristic vibrations begin to spread across the room.

Due to the small size and weight 1.5 kg Fender Newport can take and use anywhere (not just at the party of hipsters). And the ability to receive phone calls will be a nice addition.

What else surprised us Fender for the last time, so is its wireless headphones. It would seem, so many models, what can be used to conquer the audience? Puresonic Wireless is a classic in-ear headphones with a share of the premium — the latter is not only great sounding, but comfortable fit. What distinguishes this model from other similar devices — extended range of low frequencies, allowing bass to get lost on the background of medium and high frequencies. And, of course, it does have support for aptX.


  • Emitter: 6 mm, dynamic
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Rated power: 1 mW
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92±1 dB/mW
  • Working time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 15 g

Maximum soundproofing is achieved using the supplied ear cushions — four of them of different sizes. The remote control has buttons to adjust volume and control playback, which can also be used to answer the call. The battery seems to be small but provides up to 6 hours of listening. Headphones not only look stylish, but also sit in my ears well, and the built-in microphone effectively cancels the echo, giving you crisp and clear voice transmission.

The sound quality is one of the areas in which Wireless Puresonic feel like a fish in water. Using them as main headphones for travel, I was genuinely surprised how good they sounded compared to similar price models that I tested. Support aptX is a great addition that separates Puresonic from competitors in a similar price range.

Unlike some other headphones Fender that I tested, the sound Puresonic not too bright but very clean. When listening to orchestral music and post-rock sound of each party were well defined. The high quality guitars appeared nice “flickering”, like a string to sound during music. Piano compositions, too, went to cheer.

It would seem that Fender has created high quality earphones that are in your price range feel very confident. However, the manufacturer decided not to stop and released the model Puresonic Premium Wireless. The main difference was the design of the headphone, behind-the-ear mounting and improved performance.


  • Emitter: 9,25 mm, dynamic
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Rated power: 1 mW
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Working time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 18 g

This model is primarily targeted at those who conducts an active way of life and listening to music during sports. Behind-the-ear mount headphones helps not to fall out of ears. 9,25 mm dynamic drivers deliver balanced sound with a noticeable emphasis on bass. While the MIDs remain smooth and high — precise and pure, as befits a premium set of headphones.

The kit includes ear pads in four different sizes for the perfect fit, a carrying case and a USB cable for charging.

The connection is via a wireless Bluetooth connection, providing freedom of movement. Miniature battery provides up to 6 hours of listening, which will last not only for training in the gym, but lots of fun in the journey. Other features include built-in noise cancelling microphone, your voice was clear even in noisy places. Dedicated controls for access to the personal assistant device built into the headphones, which makes playing sports even more enjoyable (this contributes to the protection class IPX4).

In General, this is a great option headphones for those who prefer quality sound not only at home but also during various activities on the street.

For example, wireless devices Fender, you can understand that a pioneer in the production of electric guitars for a few decades was able to discover new horizons, and did so quite successfully. Fender instruments have always been ahead of his time, becoming immortal classics, and don’t be surprised if headphones and wireless speakers will be the same.

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  1. So this post definitely made me think! Thanks-I wouldn’t have considered things from your p o v otherwise

  2. Hey this post abslutely made me think! Thank You-I wouldn’t have thought of things from your p o v otherwise

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