The level of the early reveals more details about the Galaxy Fold folding

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Fold folding last month, while the company disclosed the main specifications of this phone, there were a lot of questions that are not answered. Well, thanks to the person who owns the phone Galaxy Fold, we can now add some pieces to the puzzle.

It was one of the main concerns about the Galaxy Fold is the crease of the screen, which appears when an extension phone. Tell our landlord that trade marked but it is not that bad. In fact, it’s hardly noticeable when the screen is in operation with the Adjust the brightness in much more than 70 percent.

Detailed phone Galaxy Fold is strong enough so that you can’t bend the phone by mistake towards the opposite direction and broke it. Also note that you can not use computer laptop small through to keep it open at the correct angle because it leads to turn off the screen.

Phone Galaxy Fold featuring a processor Snapdragon 855 performance of the overall similar performance of the +Galaxy S10. Moreover, this phone also uses version 2.1 of the interface Samsung One UI, and provides a battery which has a capacity of a 4380mAh period of use is fantastic.

Galaxy Fold is the first phone comes with memory storage UFS 3.0, and the owner decides that this phone rollaway record a better result than the +Galaxy S10 in Tests of reading and writing the serial on the AndroBench, but his record as a result of slightly lower on tests of reading, writing, randomness.

Games work well on the Galaxy Fold, but the delay that happened while switching apps between screens have not been addressed yet. Hopefully this problem is fixed by the time you are showing the phone for sale. Generally, head to the source link below if you want to read the Q & A session is complete.


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