The lifting of the ban on Uber and cream in Egypt

The Supreme Administrative Court of the Egyptian today to lift the ban on operations of Uber and cream passenger transport in Egypt, so after that I met each of the two companies fierce opposition from taxi drivers traditional.

It’s the Prohibition of every two companies previously after the Administrative Court lower withdrawal of work permits AWeber America and reiterated the UAE in March 2018, so the impact of the offers 42 a taxi driver and sue the two companies, saying they are using private cars as taxi illegally, during the recording of their as customer service and internet.

But last April, announced the Cairo court for urgent matters that you must suspend judgment while allowing both companies to pursue their work until a final decision is rendered by the Supreme Court, which accepted the appeal of the two companies today.

Faced AWeber many legal obstacles, legislation around the world due to opposition by the taxi drivers, traditional, pushing her out of the several states, the likes of Denmark and Hungary.

The company announced earlier that Egypt is its biggest market in the Middle East with 175,000 driver in 2017 and more than 4 million users since the service launched in 2014.

This has reached Uber to the convention with the Egyptian tax to pay Value Added Tax, which was a cream you pay since March 2018 already.

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