The list of phones collapsible anticipated through 2019

Huawei announced yesterday that it plans to launch the first foldable phone with support of networks of the fifth generation, the also announced Samsung’s intention to launch a phone of its folding during the first half of the year, and with the suspense and Shawty last, we like to ask you for a list of phones collapsible anticipated through 2019.

Royale FlexPai

Already Royale China Friday launched the world’s first foldable phone, the screen uses one can be folded out, but the software does not provide a good experience, as that the body of the device too thick in the folded position.

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Galaxy F

Been Samsung’s long years on the development of the telephone by folding, and it seems it would take a complex approach, as revealed by the growth model of the initial late 2018, with large screen folding inside a book, and a small second cover of the book.

The water behind the design of the Samsung to the big screen accurately 1536 x 2152 pixel dimensions 4.2:3 be protected when you fold the phone, while you could use the small screen accurately 840 x 1960 pixel dimensions of the 21:9 in the folded position.

Expected to reveal the Samsung phone its folding at the Mobile World Congress held between 25 and 28 February, and another label to one version of the phone will support the 5G network, to be launched late 2019.

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Huawei phone

We do not have much information about the Huawei, but the company has announced the launch of its first phone a folding support of the fifth-generation networks at Mobile World Congress, we appeal to the effectiveness of the police in the first days of the exhibition, February 25.

Phone Shawty

It seems that the design of the phone Shawty is the weirdest, involving a party of the screen to the outside, predicting the intensity of the problems, especially with frequent use, but a review of the chief of police showed us an advanced phone with curved edges slim, software fairly seamless. While I didn’t challenge Shao. the date of the official announcement, we expect the review of the device at the Mobile World Congress.

Motorola Razr

According to a report that the Motorola Razr, the classic will turn into a foldable phone, a large-screen flexible can be folded vertically, emulating the clamshell design. While not determined the Lenovo launch date of the phone, it is reported that the phone will come in limited edition and is priced at $ 1,500 by February.

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More phones

It seems that LG UP Sony and the closest candidates to declare their phones folding through 2019, according to the leaks, especially the LG, which was rumored offered her phone at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019.

What is the benefit of flip phones huh?

Simply put, with no phones to become big-screen, I said the difference between tablets and phones by a big margin, so with a flexible screen foldable, can be used one device as a phone versions combine the advantages of two devices, such as watch videos in tablet mode and chat in phone mode, in addition to enable you to carry the tablet in the pocket of the user for the first time.

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