The location of Dropbox for cloud storage is now officially supports plugins ” Extensions “


Platform cloud storage Dropbox actually work with many applications, where you can choose to save files or drag them directly from Dropbox without the need to apply. Examples of this find email Gmail that lets users drag files from Dropbox to add them as attachments in electronic messages. It now appears that the opposite is possible as well, it has become possible for Dropbox to work with other applications.

Announced Dropbox a while ago that it will launch a new feature called plugins ” Extensions“, but this feature was available for preview only, but that’s changed now because the water is becoming available to everyone. Basically the idea came to plugins and ” Extensions “ so you can choose to open your files directly in the web application of your choice, assuming it’s powered.

According to Dropbox, it has stated by saying : ” allows you to plugins use the tools that you really like with to keep everything organized, in sync and in one place. Just like the right-click menu in Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder, allows you to plugins ( Extensions ) to open files from the Dropbox website on the internet in the web application you choose. Starting today, you will see a list of ” open with ” next to common file types such as PDF files and DWG, Word documents, videos, images “.

Now you’ll find plugins with diverse applications such as Adobe and DocuSign and HelloSign and Autodesk and Nitro and airSlaste and HelloFax and Pixlr and Vimeo, and we expect there to be more support in the future.


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