The location of the subject gets on an investment of $ 13.5$ million

موقع موضوع يحصل على استثمار بقيمة 13.5$ مليون

Successful blogging site of the famous theme “Mawdoo3” to obtain investment dollars British $ 13.5 billion after a round of investment of the type “B” to strengthen the Arab community the most visited on the internet and the development of artificial intelligence techniques used to increase the Arabic content on the internet.

He said British investment fund Kingsway this round next to the investment fund of American Endure Capital, which will help the company to develop the Arabic content on the internet and especially that the proportion of only 1% of the content on the network in Arabic, although there are over 420 million speakers of the language.

And answer site about 45 million visitors per month, contains more than 150 thousand different theme about many areas of life. As to the number of threads is consistently associated with the great work of the site team, which started his idea in 2010 and appeared in 2012.

The organizers of the theme had been declared by the voice assistant on behalf of “peaceful” will be launched users to the throne, where he will answer their questions in Arabic according to the themes and data available on the site. This is one of the main reasons to invest.

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