The lose $ 77 million of its market value

Company has experienced the Alphabet, the parent company, Google, and YouTube, the largest decline of its stock for nearly seven years, resulting in the loss of up to 77 million of its market value, and after that raised the sales figures disappointing investors ‘ concerns that advertisers have moved to rivals, such as Facebook, and Amazon.

Shares fell that more than 8 percent Tuesday, the biggest decline since October 2012, after the company announced the results of the first quarter, which was worse than expected.

Its market value fell from more than $ 900 million to about US $ 823 million, despite the registration of the company increase in revenue by 17 percent, to $ 36.3 million – a slower growth in revenue over three months since 2015.

Said Sundar Pichai Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, in a call with investors: the company will continue to invest in algorithms to monitor content on YouTube, after the recent incidents in the region, and promised to continue to work on the privacy concerns of the user.

Rose advertising revenue of Google increased by 15 percent, to $ 30.7 million, which represented a decline compared with the percentage of 24 percent over the previous year.

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Performance was the weak comparison to its core competitors in the areas of technology, such as Facebook, which recorded growth in revenue reached more than $ 15 million in the first quarter, Amazon, which has recorded four consecutive quarters of record profit.

As Microsoft has made great results in the first quarter, which exceeded expectations of sales and profits, became the third American company listed in the stock exchange offer a market capitalization of $ trillion.

Recall that Facebook lost in last summer’s $ 119 million of its market value, the largest decline ever in the company’s market capitalization in one day, and after that reported that the growth of the user has slowed in the wake of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica.

And management of the company for the conduct of hundreds of changes related to the product every three months, but they refused to provide examples of changes, which has made analysts skeptical that the company may reduce the trend indicates more enormous damage to people in the future

And Ruth Porat Ruth Porat, the director of finance to buy the, in on YouTube in regard to the low acute to the growth of advertising revenue, she said: β€œat a time when clicks YouTube to grow at a significant pace in the first quarter, has decreased the growth rate of the clicks YouTube compared with the first quarter of last year.”

She added that thousands of reviewers developed a software mechanism to remove posts faster, in order to cope with the increase in harmful content, as conducted YouTube platform changes to reduce the recommendations of the content that violates its guidance or information is false or harmful.

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