The low sales of the iPhone lead to sanctions from Samsung worth $ 170 million on the Apple

Select the Korean giant Samsung sanctions on the Apple company of a value exceeding $ 170 million, as a result of reduced sales of phones iPhone with OLED from Samsung.

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Confirmed to ET News recently that Samsung has imposed sanctions on the Apple company give up $ 170 million as a result of reduced sales of phones iPhone possible screen the company with OLED.

And the leaks indicate that Apple will not take steps to pay this fine in cash for the Korean giant, but it will give Samsung Display orders for the supply equal to the value of the fines owed to the company.

I have got Samsung already during the last period on the exclusive contracts for the supply of OLED screens series iPhone X, due to the ability of the giant Korean on the implementation of the supply contracts special screen OLED to the fullest compared to the competition, where they have the facilities, technical and industrial required for the manufacture of OLED panels.

Recall that Apple often preferred to rely on more than one supplier for the manufacture of hardware configurations of the company, except that some of the obstacles that faced the Apple company in the beginning led to the adoption in full on the Samsung, where the company had to pay $ 2.7 million to buy the LG to manufacture OLED displays, but that LG had to close one of its manufacturing facilities resulting in production shutdown.

Also no different is the case with Japan Display, which is also facing some obstacles in the recent period, may pay its withdrawal from the supply of OLED screens for Apple Smart.

So keep the relationship between Apple and Samsung variable in the end between the compete in the markets sometimes and common interests in others.


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