The magic of cryptocurrency: transfer of $ 1.2 billion at a cost of 1.5 cents

On the eve of one of the largest transactions in the history of Binance Coin. Using the blockchain was transferred to 32 888 888 coins a total amount of 1.2 billion dollars. Sound the alarm is not necessary — the Shuttle service was planned and, fortunately, is in no way associated with the activities of hackers. About the transaction beforehand warned the General Director of the Binance Chanpen Zhao in his Twitter.

By the way, this translation cryptomnesia once again proved that digital assets are best suited to quickly move huge sums of state. The exchange managed to make the transfer for 1.1 seconds, while the whole procedure cost her 0,015 dollar — such was the magnitude of the fee.

And the banks can do?

To suppress any hint of panic, Zhao made an official announcement a few hours before the operation.

We still have a couple of large transactions to separate the cold-wallet with BNB.

There is no reason for FUD. Funds are #SAFU.

After successful completion of the transfer of the CEO summed up the operation a short report.

This transaction cost us $ 0.015 dollar and took the time 1.1 seconds. Just moved $ 1.2 BILLION. The future is already here.

Binance moved 32 888 888 BNB, six eights in the figure is not accidental: in Chinese numerology, this number symbolizes good luck. Of course, the exchange has complied with all the necessary security measures. However, to be safe never hurts.

Tweet after Zhao some users jokingly asked, is it possible to make this transfer using the Bank.

Imagine that you go to the Bank and say “I want to transfer 1.2 billion dollars in the next ten minutes.”

The future is indeed already here. And all who’ve waited so long, subscribed to our cryptcat of hontarov.

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