The magic of tracking Rays in the graphics processors laptops RTX 2060 from Nvidia

Nvidia offering pursuant to a revolution in tracking technology X to put in our hands the future of graphics in video games.

سحر تتبع الأشعة في معالجات رسومات الحواسيب المحمولة RTX 2060 من نفيدياNvidia RTX

When you talk about the graphics of computer games and get the experience realistic and immersive, the tracking technique X or track X ” ray-tracing” is the last of what reached by the companies in this field. As is customary, the Nvidia says that the council thanks to processors GeForce RTX based on the architecture graphics processing Turing’s ” Turing GPU” which added to the players better and more graphics technologies offered in the market.

So why is the technique of tracing Rays important? The importance of technique is simply as advanced lighting, reflections, shades and quite realistic unlike the previous, Where Was reflect the cards graphics processing objects corresponding to the player only.

It may seem unclear at first glance, but when you see games that run on processors graphics supports tracking of radiation and other, the player will see a big difference at the time. Because the processors are normal in short do not provide a realistic experience, just like those that support the traced Rays.

You can watch this video from the Nvidia to the ability of tracing the Rays:

Of course, the techniques of revolutionary gaming and not for it, where to computers, portable (laptop) leading cost players thousands of dollars, what makes innovations such as tracking the Rays a real investment. But fortunately, the Nvidia made things easier than before with a series notebook “RTX Gaming” of various companies.

So it’s not only on the cooperation of Nvidia with the major companies manufacturing computers to develop the first mobile devices to support the tracking technology rays thanks to processors to RTX, but also available within the packages attractive and competitive prices for many categories. Even now, the police fired about 40 laptop supports the GeForce RTX in cooperation with the companies, comes a large number of them at a price lower than competitors that offer the advantages of high without tracking techniques Rays.

Learn about the differences and realism offered by the graphics processors RTX from Nvidia which supports tracking technology X, it has been the experience of the Games popular and fun; it is Control, Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On laptop Lenovo Legion Y740 15 that comes with a graphics processor RTX 2060.

The truth is that once you experience playing with devices that support tracking technology rays, the feeling is completely different and makes the player not want to go back again to see the graphics of the former.

This is what makes tracking technology Rays need to on your computer, those who want to experience a unique living atmosphere of the fast and high-precision in games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Because the technique to follow the Rays a tremendous difference in moments of clashes and fighting, especially in the areas of small as when you see an enemy unexpectedly from one of the corners or through the processes of organizing places to complete a task, to show it as more realistic.

When you do the task to eliminate the terrorists in one of the multi-storey houses in one of the stages, the way to view photos and details during the development of the floor to another, it was the emergence of armed natural shades with a circulation of light in each corner was realistic thanks to the effects of RTX 2060.

With the graphics processor doing high Show shadows based on the shape and the distance between the body and reflections as well as light source. For example, the processor RTX 2060 show the form of Shadows and graphics in various ways the reality of what gives the image the player whether the light source of the lamp beam or another even before seeing the light source itself. It also depicts the contrast and brightness of the shadows based on the After Body place, and thus will give the player how close the enemy is to him.

These things are chosen by the player for when you play through the graphics processor by tracking the X series Nvidia RTX, to find himself before the realistic high. And then maybe enjoy the experience of playing track X once again, will return the player back to normal again because of the experience of generous color and lighting and power.

As the game Control, it has appeared the best in terms of graphics when you try it on the processor RTX 2060, where it was highly realistic as if the set part of the movie is real and not graphics because of the way the appearance of the lighting and reflections with shadows from various angles.

Spin the game is about entering the premises of a secret government, and thus lighting plays a big role in the show the characters and places of the interior, which is what makes the technique of tracing rays help improve the appearance of the graphics, shadows, and reflections significantly in the gaming environment.

This experience contributed to the graphics processor RTX 2060 displaying to best picture, where he showed the form and colors of objects and their implications in a natural way of the real as it actually is. But the most interesting thing was the way the appearance of graphics when it comes to the player a lot of enemies and allies, where are reflected all the objects in a manner that dazzled like the truth. If you are one of the players, maybe we should imagine how the experience will be in this game!

But, if you play Battlefield V you really hear the thrilling experience of the abundance of the stages and battles and buildings with lighting and reflections are diverse, in every place you’ll find yourself in front of the amazing picture thanks to the tracking technology rays, particularly within the stage Under No Flag and Nordlys.

In comes technology to track the Rays with another game to deliver a perfect experience, which is a game Metro Exodus with the processor RTX 2060 from Nvidia. So that the lights and the way they appear in the play by tracking Rays make a winter appearance and the ambience of the accompanying impressive especially since her appearance in this way enhances the power of the story of the game to show more detail.

Nvidia in turn worked with the studio 4A Games to provide a lighting package inclusive ” Global illumination” technique of tracking Rays in the game, enabling developers using the lighting to run the viewer in a distinctive way to enrich the experience of playing and watching alike.

Since the first moment of the start of the game, take the story in watch the overall lighting on the screen to keep us with the appearance of monsters and objects in different tunnels as we’ve never seen before.

Long talk about the capabilities of tracking technology infrared capabilities of graphics processors from Nvidia, at least with the processor RTX 2060 that has been his experience during the game play, but the real fun will be different with the experience of playing it myself. It is no longer difficult, because Nvidia has made access to the processors by tracking the Rays is available at discounted prices for the fans of the games, wanting a new experience, and even new players thanks to processors RTX.

So, all you have to do is advise you to experience playing on one of the processors that support tracking technology X, then you’ll find yourself in front of the experience unrivaled. Probably won’t be back for the other after that.

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