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Over the past few weeks just reeling from the news about Apple. Presentation of the new mobile operating system and its quick update, the release of a new iPhone, start Apple gaming platform Arcade. All it takes is a lot of space in the information space. I want to go somewhere in the wilderness, to turn off the phone and be alone with him. Today, just review the app from the App Store, which will help to make it as convenient as possible.

Now to fly away from the bustle…

The contents

How to buy train tickets

  • App Railways Passengers
  • The interface of the application RZD simple and pleasant. Nothing more

    Surprisingly, some people still do not know what the Railways have their own app. And quite bad. Still the name is more interesting idea, than “Passengers”. Through it, you can buy a ticket to any train company at the lowest price. Is, including Sapsan trains and regional Express trains. Often travel by Express train Ryazan — Moscow, ticket taking app Railways. It is possible to save the data of passports of several people and not drive them all the time. Payment is accepted via ApplePay, the ticket is stored in a Wallet or .pdf print nothing.

    To install: link

  • App CFPP Schedule
  • App CFPP will be allowed to go on the route of Venedikt Erofeev

    On the application, CFPP, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, does not know, probably almost none. It is not only the schedule of commuter trains, but also the opportunity to purchase tickets. Yes, for several years in a “long, green and smelling of sausage” a miracle can’t buy a paper ticket at the box office. No queues, chat with the cashier through Sizzling intercom and paperwork. Pay, as in Annex Railways, via ApplePay and get a QR code which you can activate at the departure station. When CFPP cope with a persistent smell of urine in their trains, which detracts from full immersion in the reading of the blog on Yandex.Zen, it would be really cool service.

    To install: link

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How to buy plane tickets

  • Aviasales
  • Aviasales can not only buy plane tickets, and hotel book

    App from the makers of the eponymous website, which at the dawn of its videobloggers advertised Yuri Dude. For my taste, it turned out better and easier to use than the website. Convenient filters that enable you to choose the optimal flight, can be applied after a search of tickets on chosen route. There is a function “Schedule of prices” for those wishing to fly to a certain place, but undecided date. Really convenient and intuitive. Unfortunately, recently the app began to see discrepancies with the ticket, paid baggage. And sometimes buy a ticket directly from the airline is cheaper. So be sure to check. Trust Aviasales 100 percent I wouldn’t recommend it. But as a reference it is excellent.

    To install: link

  • Skyscanner
  • Skyscanner. Competitor Aviasales with a new design

    Scottish competitor of our Fliers. Finally updated the design now it is bright and welcoming. As it is a full analogue of the previous app, you can arrange a small test. Let’s say I want to fly to London. Take a walk along the Thames, drink in pubs Guinness is fresh and on the advice of colleagues to buy a MacBook Pro 2019. Start looking for both tickets on the route Moscow — London — Moscow. Aviasales is already on the choice date draws what day to fly cheaper. In Skyscanner does not. Well, dates are not important to me — select the cheapest: October 10, there 14 Oct back. 1 passenger, Economy, Find. The cheapest option with direct links and no baggage from Aviasales amounted to 7382 the ruble, and Skyscanner 7741 ruble. Moreover, the same flight from Wizz Air. On the website of the airline, these tickets are 7421 ruble. But, if you are a member of a loyalty program, for you the price of 6007 rubles. Draw your own conclusions.

    To install: link

How to book hotel

  • The most famous application for reservation of housing

    App from the most famous aggregator of hotels, which is known to all. Anywhere in the world this app will find where you can spend the night. It has a loyalty program Genius that allows you to obtain discounts at some locations. Convenient filters will help you find a place under any of your requests, whether it be price, location, availability of Parking and Wi-Fi. Anything. In addition, there are detailed photos and reviews of real guests. To trust 100 percent of them, of course, not necessary, but a General idea of the place you go to is quite real. In partnership with Rentalcars, the application appeared tab is “car hire”. You can immediately find the iron horse from famous companies for car rental, if not go on his own.

    To install: link

  • Airbnb
  • Airbnb. The accommodation booking directly from the owners

    App from the website. Don’t like living in a hotel and want to feel like a local? You are here. All feature detailed pictures, descriptions and reviews already stay for a while there. With the owners can be contacted for further details. Of the minuses is worth noting not quite understand the interface and what the original price when the reservation is increased by “cleaning fee” and “fee for service Airbnb”. To remove their payment, of course, impossible. Why charges are not immediately added to the cost, is unclear.

    To install: link

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What to look for in a new city

  • TripAdvisor
  • Not the most convenient interface from TripAdvisor, but a huge database

    The most popular travel app. You have probably seen the green nakleechki with inscriptions from TripAdvisor on the doors of cafes and restaurants. In addition to entertainment and restaurants, you will be able to buy plane tickets and find a hotel. But the main thing here after all the food and entertainment. Filter, as elsewhere, can according to your preferences and evaluations of other people. In the database there are a huge number of photos of the food, menu, atmosphere in the institution. This app I trust completely. If hanging on the door sticker “recommended on TripAdvisor” the restaurant will not let you down.

    To install: link

  • 2GIS
  • Offline maps and travel guide in one app

    This service, originally from Novosibirsk, is extremely popular in the Russian provinces. It has offline map, guidebook, guide to the different institutions. Right in the app, you can build a route on public transport or taxis. With this app you will not get lost not only in Russia but also in Venice, Prague, Santiago and the United Arab Emirates.

    To install: link

The most overlooked tourist services — a thankless task. About well-known and convenient, all know and unknown and not worth recommending. Why do I need some app where a database of hotels less than a competitor, and the price is higher? Same with purchases of tickets for trains. Why you need application for resale when you can buy a ticket directly?

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