The main page on Facebook will focus on show publications, close friends, professional associations,

الصفحة الرئيسية على فيسبوك ستركز على إظهار منشورات الأصدقاء المقربين والروابط المهمة

Facebook announced its new changes coming to your main page to the user which brings together various publications of friends and pages and groups, and this changes according to the company will be more focused to show the published content of the close friends in the beginning.

And Facebook it the survey of opinion among users about content and publications that represent their greatest interest, and the results were that there are common factors between the users attention and people close who care about the user for their patients; such as their presence in the same image with reference to them, and this helped them to understand users better.

The company is working on the development of algorithms predicts the preferred content of users to show in the beginning, but after the survey has added two new logarithms to appear the publications of close friends in the beginning of the page and key in addition to show links that the company believes it is important that according to the way users interact and attention with the previous content.

But this update will not appear obvious to users that a major change in the network, it will show more content from friends and pages that interact with the user which represents the attention to him more than others.

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