The maker of chips for the iPhone could become the head of Intel

We love the iPhone? Everyone probably your answer to this question. But no one would argue that the smartphone from Apple – the result of the coordinated work of dozens of units who develop unique components. We all know jony Ive, Craig Federighi, these top managers are responsible for the Apple design and operating system, respectively. But one important figure in the company from Cupertino still was not so much known. We are talking about the head of Department on development of processors to Apple – johnny Srouji.

He came to the post of Vice-President for hardware in 2015, and only works at Apple for 11 years. Steve jobs personally called Cruci to create a chip for iPhone 4. Subsequently Srouji created the A5X and A6X chips. He also had a hand in later processors by Apple, including with 64-bit architecture.

Now the Apple developed in the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, they are working up a sweat over 150 employees headed by Srougi. But the company may lose its key employees: as reported by Axios, Intel is considering his candidacy for the post of Director General.

To be the Vice President and the head of the entire Corporation are two different things, so it is possible that Srouji decide to move on. Although Intel has not commented on the appearance of a new CEO, all evidence of his search. Srouji himself worked closely with Intel when creating processors for the iPhone.

In June last year, the head of Intel dismissed for an office romance, and since that time the company has not found a permanent CEO. The post of acting CEO of Intel Corp. took R. Swan, who has previously worked in the company as chief financial officer.

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