The makers of the app are enraged against Apple “evil”

Challenge the giant video game industry (travelling to Turkey James) Epic Games – the developer of the game (free) Fortnite famous – on Thursday company Apple TV by adding the option of paying the new to the game talking on the adult version of the 30% that you get a Apple developers through the App Store (App Store) App Store.

It is clear that Epic knew that they would ask the App Store for its flagrant violation of the rules of Apple TV, after hours of making the change to their application, deleted the Apple TV game free. Shortly thereafter, the company filed Epic filed a lawsuit prepared against Apple, claiming that they enjoy an unfair advantage through the development of rules of channel distribution only for apps on the iPhone. It also launched an event within a game of the forest, where he made a mockery of the power of the Apple TV through the spoof announcement of Apple TV commercial famous in 1984 for the Mac.

And what did his Epic revolt against the Apple TV, which is the largest company in the world with the attainment of market capitalization of about $ 2 trillion. As is Epic’s latest technology company revolt against the policies of the Apple App Store, and hoping to take advantage of the discontent existing against the company has significant technical and use this moment to put a stain on the grip of Apple on the ecological system for mobile applications.

Over the past year, there has been a growing list of companies that talk openly and strongly about its disagreement with women that you get the Apple TV from the App Store. Issued (Spotify) Spotify, which has filed a complaint of monopoly against the company in the European Union last year, issued a statement in support of Epic, just hours after pulling the game free from the App Store. Also supported other companies have apps famous step Epic. In addition to the ever-growing list of companies with brands that finally talked against Apple over the 30% of the sales in the App Store, as well as other cars.

Not allowed to buy Google and Microsoft, which both have services to broadcast the new video games, the place these applications on the App Store because of the rules Apple. Was told the Apple site Business Insider last week that the reason for this is that she can’t review every game you know on the streaming services these individually.

It is believed that the company Epic is designed to take advantage of the base of the massive fan base that it owns against the policies of Apple, and exported it as a kind of evil corporations that stand against their pleasure in the games.

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