The management of Trump prohibits federal agencies buying from Huawei or ZTE

Prevention and management trump federal agencies of America to purchase equipment and services from Huawei and the other as part of a recent campaign launched by the government on Chinese technology at the risk of national security.

Spokesman of the Office of management and budget the White House that the administration “will fully comply” legislation which was passed by Congress as part of the defense spending bill, which was released last year.

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Will the new rule come into force during the week, i.e., by August 13, will also be some Chinese companies and other Giant including ZTE and Hytera and Hikvision.

This next year before the deadline set by Congress in August 2020 for all contractors to the feds who deal with Huawei and ZTE and Hytera and Hikvision. Will the government grant the exemptions for contractors on a case by case basis, as long as their actions do not pose a threat to national security.

Has long claimed Huawei they can’t spy for the Chinese government. Critics, including the government and many legislators, that the company’s technology, especially network equipment like a network connection to the fifth generation, can know users data of Americans at risk of Chinese surveillance or trade

But the company denied the Huawei these allegations strongly, despite the findings of the government of the United Kingdom which provided a compelling assessment of the security of the technology.

The speakers on behalf of Huawei and ZTE to requests for comment until now.


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