The Maps application Google Maps will warn you now if you go out a taxi for the track

Google Maps

The behavior of the taxi drivers the longest way to your destination to raise taxi is one of the oldest tricks used. Sure, you may be able to monitor them when they do if you ride a taxi in your city, but not when you visit a place you weren’t before. Therefore, it’s always good to specify the path to your service maps such as Google Maps, you’ll be informed of what is going on. Include Google Inc that is useful to users, and therefore has now decided to know notification to users through the Google Maps application when the cab driver handing a different route.

Will the Google Maps application keeps track of the path in the background freeing the user if the wire driver to the road is not specified. This may provide water to users or to protect them when the intentions of the driver more fierce than just a fare increase.


To use this feature, you only need to search for the way to your destination on the Google Maps application as you always do. Use the button ” stay safe | Stay Safer ” link in the bottom menu to activate the alerts-if the wrong. Will the map service then alerts the user if the driver diverges from the road by 500 metres.

Will this serve as a reminder to them to see if this was intended to turn around is to avoid traffic or something else entirely. Reports indicate that it has been launched this feature first in India. It is likely that the company Google launched in other markets also.


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