The market of wearable devices achieve strong growth in the second quarter of this year thanks to the wireless headsets

Apple Airpods

The foundation IDC, specializing in market research published new report for the second quarter of this year focuses on the growing popularity of products that fall under the category of wearable devices. In the second quarter of this year, saw the market of wearable devices enormous growth stood at 94.6 percent compared with the same period last year.

Attributed most of the growth to the expansion of the Category ” Audio Devices disposable wearable computing devices ” which include the wireless earbuds which gained great popularity thanks to the Apple headphones AirPods own and other companies that have launched headphones similar.

The longer the Apple is equal to market wearable devices, has shipped 29.5 million units in the third quarter of this year note that it had shipped 10 million units just in the second quarter of last year, this represents growth of $ 195.5 percent on an annual basis. I got Apple on the 35 percent of the market share in this quarter. Sales of the Apple Watch powerful on some level, risen popular AirPods steadily in the past year.

Scam company Xiaomi ranked third in this category has grown by 66.1 percent not succeeded in shipping 12.4 million units, which conferred the immunity on 14.6 percent of the market share. Come Samsung ranked second with a share of 9.8 percent of the market thanks to the 8.3 million units shipped. With regard to rank third and fourth, they had the Huawei and Fitbit, respectively.

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