The market share of the woofer smart Apple HomePod does not exceed 6% in the

Apple HomePod 2

Is Apple HomePod from smart speakers available in the market today. When you compare it with speakers other smartphones such as the Amazon Echo, the Dot and the Google Home Mini, the smart speaker Apple HomePod looks expensive, add to that the fact that Apple has only one option, they are not granted the customer a lot of options.

This is why we are not surprised when we heard of the institution CIRP specialized in market research that the market share of Speaker smartphone Apple HomePod in the United States of America not to exceed 6 percent. According to the founder and co-CEO of CIRP, Mr. Josh Lowitz, he has stated by saying : ” both Amazon and Google a wide range of smart speakers, ranging from cheap access to high-end, with the presence of more diverse forms of Amazon. Don’t have Apple TV only Apple HomePod is a high price, it is likely you don’t get a large share even give Apple another product at a price comparable to the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot “.

I tried the Apple marketing smart speaker Apple HomePod as the device is excellent for listening to music at home, and its like a microscope smart health less, despite the intentions of the company clear of in getting a significant proportion in the market of smart speakers.

There were rumors in the past hinted that Apple is working on a cheaper version and smaller of the sulfated images smartphone Apple HomePod, but hasn’t shown anything yet. Whether that was enough for the competition or not, will be on Apple to improve the capacity of her assistant digital Siri in case if I want to get a significant proportion of the market of smart speakers that you are currently both Amazon and Google.

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