The Meizu phone X8 appears in a picture leaked realistic with the new pieces in the screen

Meizu M6 Note

Approaching the Launch Date of the Meizu phone X8 but it is still a mysterious device to some extent because all the information that we have so far is some of the information thrill of Meizu CEO himself.

Today, reveal a picture leaked realistic more about the design emphasizes the fact that this phone will have Octa core processor Snapdragon 710. According to the publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo, it’s the image you know will not unit ready to enter the production phase of the Meizu phone X8. As you may remember, it was explained to us by Mr. Jack Wong earlier that Meizu phone X8 will be better than Xiaomi phone Mi8 Special Edition, but it didn’t say why, except that it will feature a larger screen.

Well, now we know that it will also cut smaller in the middle top of the screen. That may be because of the angle at which you take the picture, but it looks like the pieces fairly simple, and the dialogue sounds exactly the same as the ones on the phone Xiaomi Mi8 Special Edition. This means that we can expect a screen to cover a greater percentage of the interface device.


The leaked image reveals to us also that the Meizu phone X8 will come preinstalled with Android 8.1 Oreo, which is the latest version of Android. Overall, we can’t wait to see How will be the performance of the Meizu phone X8 in the market compared to phone Xiaomi Mi8 Special Edition note that it would be hard to beat him.



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