The meteor has brought to Earth a mineral which is not present on the planet. Is this possible?

People have been on Earth long enough to get a good idea of what is in our planet. Scientists have found, analyzed and classified the vast number of minerals, and we know which ones are rare and which are found in abundance. So when astronomers analyzed the meteorite and found the mineral, which on Earth never happened, they were surprised.

Space rock found in Russia — it was called Uakit the name of the village in which he fell — and there’s something on the planet just yet. A large part of the rocks consists of material called kamasa, which is an alloy of iron and small amounts of Nickel. Such an alloy found only in the recorded from space meteorites, but that’s not the interesting finding.

The meteorite was brought to the planet unknown mineral?

In the rock, scientists found a brand new mineral, which they called Wakita. He was noticed only after studying the breed under the microscope to find tiny specks of a new substance.

Scientists spoke at the annual meeting of the meteoritic society in Moscow in late July and announced his find, explaining that this material only found in space rocks that have been exposed to extreme temperatures. The education of kamacite requires temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius, so it is obvious that this particular stone eked out a harsh existence. Now it remains to wait for analysis and to understand what interesting properties can possess this combination of elements in this form.

This is not the first born in space, a mineral discovered by scientists — other meteorites have also revealed their own unique materials in the past. It is believed that acetic and similar minerals are formed in the space rocks because many of them are exposed to intense heat. It is unlikely that they will appear in natural conditions on Earth.

It’s not every day scientists add to the list of completely new minerals. Plunging into space deeper, we will find absolutely new things you’ve never seen before. Meanwhile, it remains to wait when they come to us.

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