The method of publication at the expense of Instagram from the computer

Posting on Instagram from Chrome browser

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Website Instagram of one of the leading social networking sites activity to see the photos, the number of visitors to more than 100 million users daily, and is known to all of us that post photos on the site will be through your phone only, and we can’t access to the option of publication through computer, where we observe that the deployment option is not available when you visit the website of Instagram from a computer, unlike a mobile phone.

Many users encounter on the computer to accomplish a lot of tasks and cross-browser Google Chrome, we have prepared you a way to make you be able to post to your account based via the Chrome browser without the need to phone a simple way to browse all computers, laptops.

The method of publication at the expense of Instagram from the computer

Must be noted that the company will be through the Chrome browser only , which is as follows :

  • First, run the Google Chrome browser on your PC and type the address of the site of Instagram to open it on the computer.
  • Sign up to your account via computer.

النشر على الانستا

  • After that click on the following keys with Ctrl + Shift+ I ” must be clicked at the same moment”, will open up after that developer tools found in Chrome.

انستجرام على الكمبيوتر

  • Then press the following keys once in the same moment Ctrl + Shift + M , in order to activate the options of the smartphone.
  • After clicking will show you the icon of the camera as if you’re browsing Instagram from your smartphone and not the PC ” see next image “.

  • After clicking on the camera until you upload a video or image as you like.
  • Wait until the download is what you uploaded and then click on the Next ” photo describes what was said “.

  • You will be shown a picture or video that you upload is ready for not only writing something with it.
  • Write what you want and then click on share post or Share as image.

نشر بوست على انستجرام

  • You will find that the picture was published successfully and all of your friends see on your profile based.


Don’t need posting on Instagram process to activate the option of smart phone, it is enough to process it only once and then you will enter the account and they directly Like on the phone without a problem.


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