The minister of the digital economy and leadership of the Jordanian inaugurates the offices of Peugeot in Oman

Opened the two formats of the minister of the digital economy and leadership of Jordan in the Jordanian capital Amman today, the offices of the company “Peugeot technology”, Singapore (BIGO). The ceremony was attended by senior officials of the company competent to make the internet-supported artificial intelligence, among them Mike Aung, vice-president government relations, Jackson Leo, general manager for the Middle East and North Africa and Europe in the company.

It is planned that the work of the Office of the company “Peugeot” technology in Jordan as a regional center to communicate and engage with users and stakeholders, and to ensure the presence of the founders of the high-level in Jordan, in addition to developing the skills of artificial intelligence among Jordanian youth. It will work the new office to improve products, increase employment opportunities among technical specialists in the kingdom.

On this occasion, His Excellency engineer formats, the “Peugeot” taken the first step in fulfilling its commitment towards the kingdom, expressing hope that the start in contracting with specialists of Jordanians in various fields of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on the way to success and invested its future in technical skills, he added: “This investment initiatives in Jordan, such as the initiative “one million programmer Jordanian”, which would allow the Jordanians provided free training for three months, and courses online in programming certification is internationally recognized. With Jordan towards the future of digital, we find ourselves excited for the vital role he will play international technology companies leading, such as “Peugeot””.

And “Peugeot” technology fast-growing company in Singapore, currently own a 69 patented technique 414 applications under the patents, and now has five centres for research and development in the world, and employs more than 250 people in the Middle East and North Africa alone. And “Peugeot” in all over the world more than 400 million monthly active users for its applications and services, a large proportion of them in the Middle East and North Africa.

Supported the government of Jordan strongly the line “Peugeot” aimed at establishing a presence in the kingdom, covering all parts of the region. The company received earlier this year the minister formats at its headquarters in Singapore, and in increasing the talks took place during her about the possibilities of expansion in Jordan, and hone the skills of the Jordanian youth in preparation for the digital revolution of the fourth.

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Mike said Aung said, “the Peugeot,” I have a firm belief that it is their responsibility to invest in the future wherever they work, he added: “Jordan is trying to become a center for sports and digital in the region, it will help us our experience in artificial intelligence in support of the vision of the Kingdom and assist in the development of the environment development and enhance the skills and capabilities of digital to build a better future”.

The company considers that the Middle East is ripe opportunity to develop internet applications and consumption, while the company intends to help refine the skills of Arab youth and develop their talents and enable them to build a future more productive.

In turn, the description of Jackson Liu established the office for “Peugeot” in Jordan, the service strategy because of what he said he’s “diversity and richness of the kingdom”, referring to language skills that young people possess, the similarities are many cultural between the Kingdom and the countries of the region, as well as the classification of the IMF for the banking sector of Jordan as a “very sophisticated”, and added: “We are committed to investing in human capital and development, we have developed a staffing plan is comprehensive, Our aim is to increase the focus on the recruitment of specialist technical, so that we can contribute to the arrival of Jordan to the objectives of the vision pursued”.

The Office of “Peugeot” in Jordan second in the MENA region after Egypt. The company had earlier announced its plans to hire 50 experts in artificial intelligence to serve the region from the kingdom.

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