The Ministry of Justice accusing the 12 of the officers of the Russian intelligence to penetrate the U.S. elections in 2016

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وزارة العدل تتهم 12 من ضباط المخابرات الروسية باختراق الانتخابات الأمريكية في عام 2016

The face of the US Justice Department brought new charges against 12 officers in the Russian Intelligence Bhacked accounts, officials in the Democratic Party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the elections the American presidential election of 2016, came the accusations three days prior to the scheduled meet with President Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the city of Helsinki the capital of Finland.

The announcement of charges by the rod rosenstein deputy attorney general says the investigation into Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections after excluding the Attorney-General Jeff sessi ons of the investigation.

It has already been issued U.S. intelligence community issued a joint statement in January of last year confirms that Russia has played already with the presidential elections of America in 2016.

Has been published the Ministry of Justice the indictment of 29 pages of which are more accusations detailed from among the accusations made by the United States government to destroy the Russian government in the American election for 2016 so far, and includes a series of operations of the Russian service aimed at provoking chaos in the months preceding the election day of America.

According to the indictment: “the Russians used cyberattacks known as spearphishing to gain access to the network of the Democratic National Committee and the Committee of the election campaign for Congress”.

As stated in the indictment of 11 case in detail the efforts of the force and carried out by the intelligence services of the Russian military to subvert the campaign of the candidate of democracy, Hillary Clinton competition to Trump, in addition to a lot of breakthroughs another, ranging from phishing attacks to gain access to the clients of the Democrats, and the operations of money laundering, and piracy problems of the state assemblies elections.

Said rosenstein, Deputy US Attorney General in a press conference: “in addition to the release of the documents directly to the public, the defendants transferred the stolen documents to another organization but the name was never mentioned in the indictment, and discussed the timing of the issuance of documents in an attempt to enhance the effect on the US election”.

He was indicted by the Special Adviser to the Robert Mueller as part of the achieved in the Russian intervention in the elections, and this is the first time that Muller-charges directly to the Russian government to intervene in the election of the American that won the trump unexpectedly, while the Kremlin denied his involvement.

Said rosenstein, he informed Trump this week on the indictment. He said that it does not contain allegations that American citizens have committed a crime, a few hours before the announcement of the indictment described the trump investigation Muller as a “witch hunt” to damage the relationship of United States with Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said: “the indictment was aimed at damaging the atmosphere ahead of the summit, which will bring the two presidents. She added that there is no evidence that the twelve people who have been charged were associated with the CIA’s war or piracy”.

While he called several democratic lawmakers adults Trump to cancel the summit, where he said Senator jack reed, a Democrat, prominent in the Senate Armed Services Committee: “in light of this accusation is stunning by the Ministry of justice that these conspirators Russians attacked our democracy, and they were communicating with the Americans to intervene in the U.S. election, the Chairperson should Trump that immediately eliminates his meeting with Vladimir Putin”.

Currently investigating Mueller in whether Trump’s campaign is in cahoots with Russia and whether the President had sought illegally to obstruct the investigations relating to Prussia, has completed investigations of the intelligence agencies of the United States in January 2017 that Russia’s use of propaganda and penetration to the elections to harm the both of us, to help Trump win in the end.

As stated in the indictment that the conspirators used the fake characters on the Internet, including DCLeaks وGuccifer to publish thousands of messages stolen the beginning of June 2016, and they were in contact with Americans, and activists, the Russians have offered help directly to the candidate of the American Congress, who requested and received from Guccifer 2.0 documents stolen from the Commission on the Congressional campaign of democratic DCCC in August 2016. But did not specify the candidate or any party ends.

As stated indictment that in the same month: “send the conspirators who are moving the name of Guccifer 2 stolen documents relating to the freedom of Black Lives Matter, which has been the case politically sensitive for the Democratic Party.

Denied Roger stone, political consultant to pass any e-mail messages stolen to WikiLeaks. Said in a statement to Reuters “the show of indictments today that I did not collude with any of the defendants to do piracy or the distribution of electronic messages stolen or help them anyway”.

Raised Renato mariotti civil former Federal several questions about the investigation, saying: “the open question is whether there were Americans involved in that will be charged to them.”

The indictment that on July 27, 2016 the Russians tried for the first time the hacked e-mail accounts”in the scope of the hosted service providers a third-party and used by the Office of the Clinton person, and, at the same time they targeted the 76 e-mail address in the scope of the campaign, Clinton was”.

On the same day the candidate said Trump in a press conference: “if Russia allows I hope you can find the lost emails, which number 30 a message belonging to the Clinton, in reference to the e-mails were of a private server used by Clinton when he was Foreign Minister”.

Lawyer said Trump, Rudolph Giuliani in a tweet, said that the indictments showed that the time had come to terminate the investigation Muller.

No doubt the indictment announced by rosenstein is a good news for all Americans, but the Russians are willing to confirm that there is no American available. Julian said that the time had ended for to end this pursuit of the President, and that President Trump completely innocent.

The face of Muller indictments against several of the assistants a campaign to Trump the previous two including the Chairman of the previous campaign Paul not National Security Advisor to former White House Michael Flynn.

In February, accused Muller 13 Russia and three Russian companies in the complex plot to the election. Said the indictment, the Russians assumed the characters of fakes on the Internet to post messages as divisive and travelled to the United States to collect intelligence information organized political groupings while they were pretending to be Americans.

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