The Ministry of Justice accusing the Iranian responsible for the attacks SamSam

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وزارة العدل تتهم إيرانيين بالمسؤولية عن هجمات SamSam

Accused the Ministry of justice to American citizens of Iranian for the creation and dissemination of software ransom SamSam notorious, and drew the grand jury in New Jersey filed charges against the free Shah saved Faramarz Shahi Savandi and Mehdi Shah Mansouri Mohammad Mehdi Shah Mansouri in the several counts of hacking and irritation of the occupation, the Ministry of Justice has lifted the secrecy about the case Wednesday, shortly before the press conference that announced the deputy U.S. Attorney Robert Rosenstein Rod Rosenstein accusations.

Said Rosenstein: “accused the Iranians the use of hacking and malware that caused losses of more than $ 30 million for more than 200 victims throughout 34 months, according to the indictment, the defendants to the computer systems in Canada and ten US states, then they asked for payment. He has damaged the criminal activity of state agencies and city governments, hospitals, and countless innocent victims”.

The city of Atlanta and Atlanta and the government of the country, which suffered a disruption in Internet service during earlier this year for almost a week, among these victims, and mandated at least $ 2.6 million for recovery after injury to the attacks of SamSam, and this attack is one of the cyber attacks the most enduring on of a major American city.

She explained Keisha Lance Bottoms Keisha Lance Bottoms, chair of the country in a press conference at the time: “this is much larger than the attack to demand ransom. This is actually an attack on the government, which means an attack on us all,” said Craig cabinet Craig Carpenito, the U.S. attorney in New Jersey: “the software ransom SamSam is a dangerous escalation in cyber crime, this new type of cyber crime. Money is not their only goal. They seek to damage our facility-we didn build our critical infrastructure”.

Among the other victims of the company’s clinical laboratory above LabCorp and the city of Newark Newark, New Jersey, New Jersey and the port of San Diego San Diego, which was attacked in late September, also affected several municipalities, cities and hospitals and medical centers from attacks and ransom, in addition to the University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada and has achieved software SamSam a total of about $ 6 million of revenue to date, or 1430 bitcoin.

He said the U.S. Treasury Department in a separate declaration she’s imposition of sanctions against the two addresses of bitcoin associated with the ransom, the administration explained that these titles has treated more than 7000 treatment used to raise money for the ransom demands of the victims, prosecutors said that every state American almost has the victim of at least one, while the annexation of most of the east coast most of the 6 victims.

According to the indictment, the sand and Mansour establishment of SamSam in late 2015 and strengthen over the next two years. The regulations include that they did reconnaissance in an attempt to identify potential victims, and launched attacks outside of business hours to maximize the damage through prevention and mitigation, they say, as soon as receipt of funds, by turning to the work of Iranian using the services of bitcoin-based to Iran, and providing decryption keys to their victims.

Said Amy Hess Amy Hess, assistant executive director of the group of FBI the FBI’s website: “this indictment demonstrates the commitment of the FBI, continuous detects the malicious actors behind the most serious cyber attacks in the world, and through posting the names of those who threaten American systems, we know the criminals who are hiding behind their computers and terrorist attacks threaten the safety of our public and our national security at risk.”

Prosecutors say in the Ministry of justice that the injuries SamSam caused loss and damage valued at $ 30 million, and as citizens and residents of Iranian, it is not likely to face justice in the United States, but the indictment is as an effort to use the Justice Department in recent years to expose the names and actions of the accused, which makes it difficult for them to travel freely and choose their detention in a country that has a policy on extradition with the United States.

The gate Arab News Technical The Ministry of Justice accusing the Iranian responsible for the attacks SamSam

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