The mobile-book: In a network there was one of the strangest patents Google

Foldable smartphone which is more like a book than a smartphone? Apparently, this is exactly what Google imagined when I applied for days apply for another patent with the world intellectual property organization. Phone books you could open and close exactly the same as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but only like several of them, because that device is that patented by Google, the screen is not one (and even two or three), and apparently these screens resemble pages of a conventional printed book.

Patented smartphone will run Google’s own books

Focusing on the drawings and the description of the patent it becomes clear that this device will be a few interconnected flexible displays, each of which can be folded in half and “iron fillings”, which will be located in the “spine”. That is the last place the battery modules are operational and the main memory, and other hardware.

In addition, in the description of the patent stated that the number of flexible panels inside can be different, and they can be removed or add more if the need arises. Each of the displays can be deployed and fixed in this state using magnets and special hinges that serve the main mechanisms of the whole structure, by continuing to use the device like a tablet. The patent also describes the ability to start content on one screen and continue on following the turning of the page.

It is unclear if Google plans to create such a device, and a device with multiple folding displays would be very thick and hardly would have practical applications for consumers, especially given the desire of other manufacturers to place the most delicate of the body.

However, Google is no stranger to create devices that focus on segments of education and business. Google Glass is a good example of a device that was originally designed as a gadget for one and all, and later turned into a specialized tool for professionals.

In the near future Google has no plans to develop foldable smartphones

Earlier this year, Google admitted that she had plans for the foldable smartphone in the past, noting that he also worked on a foldable Pixel, but in the end decided that such devices have no advantages over modern smart phones-monoblocks and refused further developments in this direction.

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