The moment of truth: Ripple XRP approached the critical resistance line. What’s next?

The absence of serious price fluctuations in trading pair XRP/USD was the cause of the frustration of many investors. Note that the cryptocurrency is experiencing a very long period of low volatility that plagued traders for several months.

However, the flat soon to come to an end. At least sure of the famous trader Peter Brandt. Earlier, Brandt with remarkable accuracy predicted the course of the bearish trend of the stock market before it began.

What about Ripple?

At the moment the Ripple is trading at 0.29 per dollar. For the past day the price of the coin went up by 0.54 percent. Recently, the cryptocurrency fell below 30 cents on the background of negative news from the stock exchange Bitfinex. Historically, the current market price of XRP has almost always been the bottom, so many analysts believe that the asset is oversold phase.

Analyst under the name Cryptomist believes in the imminent rebound Ripple.

We are above the 0.786 Fibonacci level and RSI is at a scale of 1-week chart set to bounce. Wedge on the chart have to break through to may 4. If BTC will behave appropriately, RSI will continue to grow.

Peter Brandt is also published in Twitter a graph of Ripple/XRP important note — the cryptocurrency has reached a decisive moment. If it fails to hold its support level then it is waiting for a strong plums.

Do or die decision time for investors in Ripple.

Trader under the name Ryan_W believes that the bulls need to overcome a level of 0.30 in the dollar, otherwise Ripple maybe to draw a few large red candles on the 1 day chart.

Let’s hope the bulls take the situation under control starting next week. And yet you have time to subscribe to our cryptcat! For changes to the course, XRP and other coins be sure to check back here.


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