The Money: more than just finances on your iPhone

I have long been looking for the best application for personal Finance, but they all have the same type: make income and expenses, see how much has been spent and so on. This is useful information, but slightly allows an objective assessment of their financial capabilities. I, for example, one day it so happened that I spent almost 80% of his salary at the beginning of the month (but was recorded for all the expenses, but is it?). Obviously, in this case, a simple Notepad for recording income and expenses is not enough.

Keeping a budget is an important step on the path to financial prosperity

Unlike other financial applications, The Money keeps budget management to mechanical consideration received and the money spent. Each user perceived application as a separate economic unit and the soft helps to map all the assets, property and debts, to establishing an objective financial picture.

Work with the application begins with entering the total monthly income and expenses, and also funds in accounts, debts, property, etc. These numbers are The Money uses as one of the main criteria for assessing your financial well-being.

Right after you take the primary capital, the app will assess financial condition. In my case it’s “debt hole”. Sounds scary, but — what really! — the way it is, because the mortgage debt of almost a million rubles a strong impact on the overall picture. To improve the state needs to reduce its debt load to less than 50% of the amount of assets, advises The Money. And it’s not easy. However, a social widget that compares your performance to other users around the world, reassures me that I earn is still not bad, just long score too much.

To change the situation for the better, you not only enter into the app daily purchases and income, but also transfers between your accounts, payments on loans and credits, and even the change in the value of the property! For example, if suddenly the market value of apartments has soared from a million rubles.
The financial well-being is also affected by information about current debts and their maturity — partial or complete — and so on.

In the transaction log, you can find summary information on all its activities during the past 30 days: income, expenses, dividends, gifts and more. This allows you to assess your financial capabilities and compare them with other periods. To register a new transaction is very simple: just enter the amount and the account to which it relates.

Of course, very difficult to understand how to affect their finances. Therefore, the application of The Money is a personal financial assistant. Every day he will chat with you and give advice, and his mood and manner of communication is directly dependent on how you treat your finances. So spend half my salary on Friday at the club just not worth it — it you for that compliment.

If without jokes, then this is really a cool application that allows you to track your progress in each of the financial aspects. I revised my approach to the many items of expenditure — thanks to the summary report where you can see the changes in the indicators over a considerable period of time.

I like that here it is necessary not just to make income and expenses (which do not become richer), but to analyze the information, what helps many built-in tools. Plus, there is a system of goals and achievements is a good way to bring in routine actions a little game.

The app can be downloaded for free from the link below. It works by subscription (per month cheaper coffee mugs), but you can try all features for 14 days absolutely free, to understand whether it is you. Although, I think this thing will be useful to everyone who wants to learn how to count money.

Name: The Money
Publisher/developer: Andromeda Software
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Reference: Install

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